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11 Minutes

By @MeaningfulMee

11 Minutes

“Come over I have something 4 U xxx”

He looked down at the ring that was sitting on his bedside table as he sent this. His heart was pounding in his chest he didn’t know if it was excitement, fear or just simply love. He understood full well that they were both very young however it just felt right to him, he just hoped she felt the same.

Her phone buzzed from the coffee table, it was exactly who she had wanted it to be. She loved nothing more then spending hours with him just talking, laugh and connecting in a way she had never imagined possible.

“I’m coming now”

His phone lit up with the name that always gave him butterflies,

“See ya, love you”

No one had ever shown her as much affection as he had and she wasn’t used to it,

“You’re alright yourself :)”

He loved her witty replies and with ever text he feel more and more in love with her,

“Call me stupid, call me sad you’re the best I’ve ever had”

She read it as she walked out to her car, she loved him too but there was no way she was going to admit it,

“You’re the worst I’ve ever had:)”

He didn’t expect anything else from her,

“F**k off”

She smiled to herself as she hopped into her car and began to drive onto the main road.

“I’m on my way, Mr. Cringe”

He smiled at her texts, they where complete opposites but some how it just worked,

“You’re the f**kin’ acid to my alkaline”

She picked her phone up over the passenger seat, she didn’t like metaphors but she had to admit it was true,

“Shut up:)”

He picked up the ring, his eyes lit up he was dying to hopefully spent the rest of his life with her and couldn’t wait for it to begin,

“I have missed you all day, so why aren’t you here”

She stopped at some traffic lights no one had ever wanted to see her so much and she wasn’t quite sure she deserved it,

“I’m 11 minutes away”

He could just about wait that long. He looked at his screensaver the two of them looked so happy together you could see it in their eyes, yet he still thought she was out of his league,

“Looking forward to seeing you xxx”

The traffic lights finally went green and she placed her phone back on the passenger seat. She didn’t have time to reply to him and hated leaving him on open. She did truly love him and knew deep down that he was the one. She just wasn’t good at being treated well. However her mom had always said,

“When you get a good one, don’t you dare let them go”

With this in mind she pick up her phone, not even thinking about the fact that she was driving, she was to consumed with love. She began to type the words, she wasn’t going to let this good one get away,

“I love you xx…”

Suddenly another car came crashing into the side of hers. With an unimaginable force she felt her car and herself flipping onto its roof. She tried to press send but her phone had flew out of her hands, then the unthinkable happened. She heard a small yet significant click, her seat belt had come out of the socket, she knew that this was it.

He felt a ice cold chill run down his spine, it was unlike anything he had ever felt before. It was the worst feeling he could imagine, it was like an uncontrollable and dark sorrow and he had no idea what was happening.

She felt herself fall but it felt like she was in slow motion, she had time to take the whole situation in but she couldn’t control any or it. It was like she was floating above her inevitable death, she wasn’t ready but would she ever be ready? With that she closed her eyes and felt herself impact to the ground,

He tried to ignore the feeling but it just keep getting stronger, he had a sick feeling in his stomach. He was trying to put it all down to last minute jitters but he wasn’t convinced anymore.He played with the ring in his hands the sliver hoop with the sapphire the match her elegant eyes was exactly what she would have wanted. He twisted it around and around it was glowing the same shade of blue as the ambulance was outside.

She could just about hear the sirens and she could almost see the flashing lights, she wasn’t dead just yet. She wasn’t in any physical pain but that was somehow the most painful part. She couldn’t feel much anymore, she was the closest to numb that she had ever been. For the first time in her life she didn’t care about what Trump was doing, guns didn’t scare her, her body didn’t shame her and she didn’t feel guilty for eating chips for lunch, none of that would affect her anymore. The only thing that mattered to her now was telling him those three words, all she wanted was 11 more minutes.

He couldn’t possible ignore it anymore, he knew he was meant to be some where doing something but quite where and quite what he didn’t know. He sat up in his bed and look at his phone there was one notification from some news website, he began to read it,

“car crash on…”

He dropped his phone onto the floor

“no, no,no F**K NO”

He began to punch his wall yelling

I never thought the world would turn to stone”

He cried he know exactly where had was meant to be and what he was meant to be doing and he couldn’t have imagined anything worst. He ran out the door his heart racing, tears flooding his eyes, he couldn’t quite believe this was happening.

“I would sell my soul for a bit more time”

She cried, tears gently streamed down her face, her words were only barely coming out,

He was running faster then he ever had before,

She was fighting harder then she ever had before,

But it didn’t matter how hard she fought or how fast he ran,

She had asked for 11 minutes but,

He was going to take 12.

Her 11 minutes were just about up. She had used up ever bit of strength in her body but it hadn’t been enough she would never be able to tell him those three words, she didn’t ever have enough strength to cry about it.As she her last breath she whispered,

“You’re 11 minutes away and I have missed you all day, so why aren’t you here”

With that her soul left her body and whistled in the wind,

“Come lay the rose on the floor, ever single Sunday, don’t get bored”

Then she disappeared into the night,

Just as she did this, he ran around the corner, past the police and the paramedics and fell onto his knees beside her body. He propped her head onto his chest but it was too late she was gone,

“I’m so f**kin’ sorry, I’m so F**kin sorry”

He cried, he didn’t ever try calling her awake or ever CPR as he look her body dead in the eyes he know straight away that, she wasn’t in there.

What he would have done to be the one in the clouds if it meant she would still be down here was endless but that didn’t matter there was no way she was ever coming back.

His tears fell onto the body that had once been home to the love of his life. He’d never know how much she truly loved him. She would never get to be loved so passionately by him. The worlds grim like that though, people die before ever getting to truly, live.

He still couldn’t quite believe how empty her eyes were and through tears he cried,

“Why aren’t you here, Why aren’t you here”

His voice began to fade away,

“Why aren’t you here, Why aren’t you here”

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