10 Days

By @crowley

10 Days

By @crowley

Castiel works as a flame thrower in the travelling circus. In chance encounter, he meets charming man Dean Winchester, who has 10 days to persuade his lover to stay and not move towns with his job.

Inspired by: Supernatural

Chapter 1

Today the Wheel, Tomorrow the World.

Dean was a sucker for a fair ground ride. As long as they didn’t go too high. Or move around too much. So, he basically stuck to the carousel.

And luckily, this year’s 10 day funfair coincided with Dean’s week off work. Yes, that meant that he would spend every night getting ****** and running around the park like a child, all worries work and family and life forgotten.

He glanced down at his phone, willing it to light up with a text. His friends, Jo and Charlie, would be picking him up any minute and Dean was beyond excited. Almost on queue, the phone going sweaty in Dean’s overheated hand began to glow, a phone call from Jo coming through. He declined it, knowing it meant they were just outside, and walked towards the door, pulling on a coat. Undoubtedly, there was a spring in his step and the large male practically flew in to the backseat of Charlie’s run down camper van.

He lent his head in between the two seats in front of him, an unremovable smile fixated on his lips. “So what ride are we going on first?” Dean spoke, his voice high and shrill, completely overcome with excitement.

Jo shot him a confused and bewildered look, obviously not understanding his excitement. God, women these days. “Dean.” Jo began, her eyes glancing to meet Charlie’s briefly. “This happens every year. You get over-hyped and then don’t go on anything. ****, last year you cried on the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel, Dean.” Her voice was patronising, motherly almost, as if Dean was a child being scolded.

“Okay. Well I bet you two hot dogs and a slice of pie that I can go on the Ferris Wheel alone. And not cry.” Dean sunk backwards into his chair, folding his arms over his chest, the excitement he had previously felt dashed for all of one second.

A smile twisted the corner of Jo’s lips upwards and she held her hand between the gap, just inches from Dean’s face. “Deal.” She spoke and slotted her hand into Dean’s much larger one. All the while, the red-head in the seat along tried to bite back a smile and focus on the road, rather than on her friends acting like toddlers.

That settled it: Dean would have to get his big boy pants on. And fast. They were nearly there. Music and flashing lights filled the car and a thousand memories of last year circled in Dean’s head. The excitement rushed back over Dean and his knees began to bounce in the seat, anticipation getting the better of him.

As expected, the car park was filled: hundreds of cars pilled in, line upon line without a spot in sight. Charlie let out an audible sigh, her shoulders slumping simultaneously as she resigned herself to the fact that most of the night would be consumed with finding a parking space. Slowly, she began the tedious task of circling the lot, all three of them keeping their eyes peeled for any sign of a space.

“Oh come on.” Dean threw his hands in the air, exasperated. He wanted nothing more than to just leave the car and get on the rides but he didn’t. He was a good friend and stayed with Charlie and Jo until the bitter end.

Sure enough, as the car turned the corner there is was. The most sacred thing on this whole **** Earth: single parking space. And it was all there’s. Instinctively, all three pairs of eyes snapped upwards. It was too good to be true, an empty space and no competitors. Not wanting to tempt fate and wait any longer, Charlie surged the car forwards, swinging it into the space in one fluid movement. The group cried out in pure satisfaction, not waiting one more second to throw open the doors and race towards the overly-loud music of the fair ground.

The fair was more brilliant than any of them had hoped. The lights, the rides, the food, the games, the music. None of them could ever have comprehended how amazing it was. After about three hours of the girls running around rides and Dean graciously opting to hold the bags, it was crunch time: The Ferris Wheel. Dean deeply hoped the pair had forgotten about it, but that would be too good to be true.

Just as Dean finished what could only have been his fifth hot dog, the event was brought up. “Hey, Deano!” Jo purred, latching onto his arm. Dean’s heart immediately sunk, he knew what was about to come. They rounded the corner and sure enough, there stood the Ferris Wheel in all of its glory. And God it was high. “You remember when you said you’d go on this alone?” Jo produced three tickets, slipping one of them into Dean’s pocket. The taller male turned around to run, but there stood Charlie who placed a hand in the centre of his chest and spun him around.

“You’re not getting out of this one.” The girls spoke in unison, each linking their arms with Dean’s. Wordlessly, they led their friend forward, pulling out his ticket and pushing him in to the small cart. Cage was the word that sprung to Dean’s mind: a small cage intent on torturing Dean.

Having to crouch down, Dean forced his way through the too small door, silently cursing at Jo for making him do this, intent on kicking her *** when he made it back to level ground. IF he made it back. Just as the operator was about to seal the door, it flew open once more, a flustered guy in a too large trench coat entered, slumping down in the seat opposite. As smile crept on to Dean’s faced yet he could not tell why. The nervousness? The joy at not being alone to suffer this ****? The fact that Mr Trench Coat was extremely attractive? He looked down at his feet, banishing that thought from his mind, focusing on a tiny speck of dirt on his shoe and not the slamming of the door or on the whir of the ride as it sprung to life.

“I hope you don’t mind.” The nameless man made an effort to meet Dean’s eye and smiled. “I’m on my break and was desperate to have a ride, just had no time to queue.” The man’s tone was matter-of-fact, unlike anything Dean had experienced before.

Dean waved his hand in response, his eyes still glued to the same spot on his shoe. He made a mental note to clean them later. “Sorry.” Dean gripped the side of the cart for support. Focus on the hot dogs that Jo so owes you after this, Dean thought to himself. A wave of nausea washed through him. Maybe thinking about food wasn’t the best idea. “I’m scared of heights.” He managed to speak, before his face turned a deathly white.

The man tried his best not to let a smile etch on to his face, instead reaching out his hand to touch Dean’s knee lightly. “It’s okay, this thing doesn’t even go that high. I can imagine it’s quite possible to jump this height and survive. Although, I don’t recommend it.” The man explained reassuringly, squeezing Dean’s knee once before withdrawing his hand. “My name is Castiel.”

Dean’s head snapped upwards at the sudden human contact, both taken aback and silently greatful. He smiled, letting out a breath he didn’t know it he was holding. Maybe this ride would not be so bad after all. “Dean.” He replied simply. The soothing voice of Castiel began to calm Dean and he barely noticed that they had reached the top, about to start the descent. He was doing this. He was actually rising the Ferris Wheel. “You said you were on your break? From what?” Dean asked curiously, the new found confidence making him talkative.

“I work at the circus. A flame thrower.” Castiel shrugged his shoulders as if it was nothing, pulling the trench coat tighter around his shoulders.

“Impressive!” The Winchester hummed in response, nodding his head in approval. “How do you even get started in a job like that?”

“Family. My father, Chuck, runs the circus. It’s kind of our duty to work there.” Castiel acknowledged Dean’s question, answering it without even thinking. “What do you do for a living?”

“Nothing as exciting as that, man. I’m a mechanic.”

Dean Winchester had always appreciated the male gender. From afar at least. Never had he been attracted enough to a male to want to date him. But as the two fell in to harmless small talk, things began to change. Castiel, in Dean’s eyes, was perfect. His voice, the way the words flowed right off his tongue, his body and the way his tight T-shirt clung to his obviously prominent abs, his back and the way he arched forward to get closer to Dean. And Dean wanted nothing more to reach out and touch him. But he didn’t. He held his hands back, almost sitting on them at one point to stop him from making a mistake.

All too soon, something Dean thought he would never feel, the ride was coming to an end and Dean found himself scribbling his number down on his used ticket.

“Well Dean, as thrilling as our short fling has been,” Castiel tilted his head and winked at Dean and the older male felt his pants grow tighter. “I think it’s time for me to head back to work.”

Regretfully, Dean nodded his head, reaching out his hand to shake Cas’. “Thank you. For dealing with me and all my nervousness.” Dean smiled, holding out the ticket for Castiel to take. “Maybe we can do this again sometime?” Castiel accepted the number but didn’t reply, climbing out the cart ad quickly as he had entered.

Dean could have kicked himself. He had no idea if Cas was gay. ****, he had no idea if he was gay. Everything about their short conversation had felt right and Dean knew he would have regretted it had he not at least made an effort. He shrugged his shoulders, images of Castiel playing in his mind. No harm done, right?

As Dean’s foot made contact with the ground, he melted into it, laying face down on the gr***. “God ******, I love the floor!” He spoke loudly, as Jo and Charlie raced to his side, pulling him back up.

“Alright, Batman. You’ve conquered the Ferris Wheel.” Charlie joked, slapping Dean on the back. “But I think it’s time we headed home.”

Dean did not object. All he could think about was climbing into bed, forgetting about the fair, the wheel, the hot guy in the trench coat.

And soon enough, that dream was a reality. Having waved goodbye to his friends, and whispering to Jo that she better have his promised food by tomorrow, Dean went straight to bed, not even bothering to change out of his clothes.

He pulled his phone out of his back pocket, setting it aside on his bedside table, not giving it another thought. There was no way Castiel would call tonight.

Dean closed his eyes, more than ready to sleep but he did not get very far. Almost as soon as he eyelids shut, Dean’s phone buzzed with a text, something he had not been expecting and he absent-mindedly picked it up, glancing down at the screen. Despite the sender being unknown, Dean could recall exactly who it was.

“You have 10 days, Dean.”

It was simple, without explanation and evidently not what Dean had been expecting. He read over it multiple times, contemplating just exactly what it could mean and more importantly how to reply to it.

After what seemed like hours, but could have only been a few minutes, Dean unlocked his phone and sent a single question mark in response. Sure, it wasn’t exactly the most in depth of replies, but he hoped it conveyed the desired confusion.

It didn’t take long before the boy on thethe other end had replied. Dean looked down nervously, his finger twitching over the lock button.

“You have 10 days to make me fall in love with you.”

Dean loved a task, and Castiel would certainly be one.

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