Christopher Paolini

Enter the World of Eragon

Dragons, Magic, Destiny. . . enter the world of Eragon. From the #1 internationally bestselling storyteller Christopher Paolini.

7 Books to Read in a Post-Game of Thrones World

Here’s what to read now that our watch has ended. WARNING: Mild Thrones spoilers ahead for those who haven’t yet caught up.

BOOK NEWS! Christopher Paolini, Author of Eragon, is Back With a New Book!

Be still our dragon-loving hearts, Christopher Paolini is coming out with a new book set in Alagaësia. In other words, ERAGON IS BACK! 

8 Times Authors Got Real About Their Writing on Twitter

Being a writer isn't easy— deadlines, reviews, rejection. AHHHH! Ok, breathe. These tweets from some of our favorite YA authors prove that every writer goes through some ups and downs. . .

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