i write about things that (hopefully) relate to anyone and everyone. im in love with a perfect soul, although he might never see it. my mentality is slowly draining, but thats okay, because so is the rest of america's.


  • Hobbies Just Dance, Writing Stories and Songs, Drawing, Snuggling Anything, Animal Crossing
  • Music Gracie Adams, Alec Benjamin, Xxtentacion. Billie Eilish, Beach Bunny, Eminem, Nf, Ruel, One Direction, Conan Gray, Melanie Martinez
  • TV Shows Rugrats, Ducktales, Fairly Oddparents, Snl
  • Movies Little Women, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Beetlejuice (Both the Musical and Normal Movie), Infinity Wars & Endgame
  • Interests Chris Hemsworth and My Boyfriend, Any Fictional Character I've Ever Created
Birthday Jun-10

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