Thanksgiving Quiz: Which Side Dish Are You (and Which Fall Book Should You Read)?

When you think about it, a book is like a Thanksgiving dinner.

The turkey, like the main character, gets all the attention. But what about Thanksgiving side dishes? In a YA book, they’d be secondary characters: the hilarious best friend, the strict teacher, the mysteriously aloof kid next door. Thanksgiving side dishes, like those supporting characters, are sometimes overlooked and underappreciated, but our Thanksgiving dinners—and books—wouldn’t be the same without them!

Take our Thanksgiving quiz, and we’ll tell you which Thanksgiving side dish you are, plus serve you up a tasty YA fall book recommendation!


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  1. ColorfulAlpaca

    “Stuffing has a lot of ingredients that blend into complete deliciousness. Like stuffing, you have a lot of elements to your personality, all of which work perfectly together.

    Our Thanksgiving quiz says that the best fall book for you is Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. It’s a futuristic book with an unlikely squad of characters, who, like a bunch of Thanksgiving leftovers, band together to achieve greatness.”

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