The Official And I Darken Series Quiz: Are You Wallachian or Ottoman?

The final book in the explosive And I Darken series by Kiersten White is officially out in the world. In honor of Bright We Burn, we want to know: Are you Wallachian or Ottoman?

If you don’t know what either of those are, you have some reading to do! To help you out in the meantime, here’s a brief description.

Wallachians are tough, fierce people who feel a special connection to their homeland. Ruled by cutthroat politics, they value loyalty, strength, and honor.

The Ottomans are wealthy, intelligent people with a large empire and advanced technology. Driven by faith and ambition, there’s nothing they can’t accomplish.

Ready to find out? Take the quiz! 

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Are You Wallachian or Ottoman?


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  1. Kiakamill

    Got ottoman

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