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Take the #JustyceChallenge

For every proof of pre-order of Dear Justyce by Nic Stone, we will donate one copy of Dear Martin (up to 5,000 copies) to the Prisoners Literature Project. Take the #JustyceChallenge here!

Enter the Majesty by Katharine McGee Gift with Purchase Giveaway

Show us your proof of pre-order for Majesty by Katharine McGee to receive a juicy deleted scene from American Royals.

Show Your Proof of Purchase to Score an Underlined Book Snug!

Give your shelves an upgrade with an adorable book snug! It fits perfect around the spines of your Underlined Paperbacks. Just show your proof of purchase by filling out the form.

Fall 2021 Preview

Tell us which of these exciting fall upcoming releases you'd like to receive!

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