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Nevertheless We Persisted is a powerful collection of essays from actors, activists, athletes, politicians, musicians, writers, and teens, including Senator Amy Klobuchar, actors Alia Shawkat and Maulik Pancholy, poet Azure Antoinette, teen activist Gavin Grimm, and many, many more, each writing about a time in their youth when they were held back because of their race, gender, or sexual identity—but persisted.

These essays share deeply personal stories of resilience, faith, love, and, yes, persistence. And now, we want to hear from YOU! Share your story about a time you persisted in your own community!

By entering the contest, you have a chance for your story to be included in the paperback edition of Nevertheless We Persisted

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Make sure you have an account on GetUnderlined.com.

2. Write a short story in 1,000 words or less  about a time in your youth when you were held back because of your race, gender, sexual identity, ability, or any other piece of your identity – but persisted.

  • What was your experience?
  • How did you get through it, and how did it make you stronger?
  • What made you rise up?

3. Complete and submit the entry form below.

Need a little inspiration? Watch this video of the book’s contributors sharing their message of persistence:

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