You're the One

By @GalaxyGemini
You're the One

Fanfic for the movie: Captain America: Civil War! Tony has been betrayed by his best friend(or something more?). Steve is battling Tony as well as his feelings for the apparent enemy(ahem, Tony). And Bucky is finally getting that undisturbed sleep he always wished for. Even after having his arm blasted off. Btw, this is my first fanfic; don't destroy me please and I'm sorry if it's cringe worthy.

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Chapter 1

Part 1.

Bucky slumped to the ground, staring in horror at the torn metal shards jutting out from his left shoulder, an effect due to the loss of his metal arm. “Bucky!!” Steve screamed as he hurled his shield at Tony, who quickly dodged away from the object with a grunt. Steve dropped to his knees in front of Bucky and cradled him in his arms. Bucky blinked his eyes slowly and mumbled something incoherent until he faded into unconsciousness. Captain America sobbed and whispered, “It’s going to be okay, Buck..” Suddenly, he felt a wrenching on his shoulder as he was dragged up and thrown across the snow covered floor. “Aughh!” The sound escaped him when his head collided with the ice cold floor upon his landing. He looked up fervently to see Tony standing above him with his helmet open and a steely look in his beautifully rich hazel eyes. “Why’d you do it, huh? Why did you choose him over me?!” His teeth gritted down as his face scrunched together in a dark fury. Steve gathered himself up once again, bringing his hands slightly forward in a feebly small ward against his former friend’s indignation. “I-I didn’t choose him over you, Tony! You have to understand, he wasn’t in his-” Iron Man’s metal fist collided with Steve’s face and sent him staggering rearward as his back hit the wall, hard. He turned his head to the right quickly, spied his abandoned shield, and drew his hand down sideways toward it, only to be blocked as Iron Man roughly gripped his wrist and slammed it into the wall. “Tony- I don’t want to hurt you!! Please don’t make me do this!” Steve headbutted Tony as a distraction whilst he yanked his arm out of his reach and seized his frosted shield from the ground. Just as Captain America formulated his shield in it’s normal stance, Iron Man blasted it with the high powered energy from his gauntlet; it caused Steve to jerk back towards the wall even further.

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