Your Taste In Beauty

By @fakedove
Your Taste In Beauty

Ella x Reader Reader is a gang leader who grows an obsession over a female who has quite the interesting passed. You would do anything to keep her safe and killing off her toxic friends seems to be helping her...

Chapter 1

The Approach


Story may contain Gore, Angst, mentioning a of death and murder. Read at your own risk.


It was winter and New Years Eve when Ella’s parents decided to throw a ball at their mansion. Everyone who arrived was dressed elegantly. The blonde female stood to the side of the ballroom, wearing a white silk dress with spaghetti straps. She sipped her champagne and rolled her eyes every time some old manner approached her and offered to dance.

Obviously, she wasn’t exactly enjoying this party. It was a bit difficult for her to enjoy herself when almost all of the friends she invited had been murdered by some mysterious killer who was running around town within the month of December. Only two people showed up. Her boyfriend and her best friend.

There was something Ella hadn’t realized yet. All of these killings started when she met…you. You were the one doing all of this… for her. The moment you met her, you will never forget it. She was a ******* brat. She rolled her eyes and scoffed at everything you said while you had dinner with her parents. You want to sell some illegal guns to them and this dinner was your only chance to make the deal… and she just had to ruin it.

She was so tiny and viscous. Her blonde hair was a mess of loose curls and her cheeks and shoulders were freckled. If she wasn’t so insufferable, she would be stunning. This woman was so disrespectful.

As the dinner went on, all she did was pick at her food and interrupt and her parents didn’t even mind it. After Dinner, Samara and Mads wrote off a check and made a deal with you to buy what you were selling. Afterwards, you left the penthouse and stood in the elevated…with Ella beside you. She was going home as well since dinner with her parents was over.

”That’s the only time they’ll buy from you. They pitied you and paid you a little to help you.” Ella said with a bored expression as she examined her pretty, elegant nails. Your eyes widened and you looked down at her, glaring now.

“Excuse me, brat?” You growled in annoyance as you clenched your fists.

”You heard me, you ******* dick.” She frowned and dropped her hand to her side as she glanced up at him.

You stepped closer to her as the elevator continued to go down and you backed her up against the wall, her greenish blue eyes now wide.

“Listen here, you fowl mouthed ******** You said in a low tone as you pressed your hand against the wall beside her head. “I am a bigger business than what I told your pathetic little parents. I’ve been running my own **** for years. I am a lot more than I said I was.” You leaned down and whispered on her ear. “I’m could easily punish you for having such a fowl mouth. I could train you to talk to me with respect. Make you my pet.”

You pulled away and looked down at the blushing 5’5 female. She looked away and furrowed her brows, her expression amusing you.

“Take care, princess.” You teasingly caressed her cheek before the elevator doors opened as it stopped and you walked out, leaving her there a flustered mess.

Back to the present… Now was your second time meeting her. You came to the ball her parents invited you to. Now… Now you knew they weren’t her real parents.

You had found out about Ella’s passed since she had peaked your interest. Mads was her uncle and Samara was her aunt. Ella was adopted by them when she was thirteen. ‘Why?’ you ask?

Ella’s birth name is Dove. Her parents now were Crow and Raven. They were apart of a witch coven and they were pretty much a cult. When Ella became of age, they offered her to one of their Pagan gods. When the ‘God’ accepted, they turned her into a sacrifice and her own mother gutted her like a fish.

There was an undercover cop in the cult and he called the actual police, having everyone arrested and saving Ella’s life. Once she was adopted by her aunt and uncle, she changed her name to Elaina. She liked that name, but rarely answered to it, so the name was shortened to Ella.

Then… Ella was kidnapped by her father when he broke out of jail and she murdered him by stabbing him in the neck with a shard of glass from a broken mirror. She murdered him and everyone else in the building she was held hostage in.

This only made you understand her sour mood… She had darkness stirring inside of her and it had to be released. You started to grow obsessed with her, watching her from a distance. She went to college and she was an artist. She figure skated. She went to boxing classes. She was perfect.

She also had ****** friends. They used her and made fun of how she couldn’t see it. She was kind towards her friends. She loved her boyfriend and she always had a smile around them. It ****** you off more than anything. You wanted to be the one to cause that smile. You wanted her to only treat you like that.

So… You started taking out every single one of her ****** little friends… one by one. You planned everything out. Every week, you tortured and murdered one of them. You’ve murdered six and you enjoyed it. She was left with five friends now and only two more had to be erased. The other three were pretty loyal to her and kind.

A sigh escaped Ella’s lips as she dusted of her dress and looked around, only to find that her ‘boyfriend’ and ‘best friend’ were both gone. “Daniel? Bianca?” She called out as she looked around and walked around the ballroom, searching the crowd for them. “**** ************* grumbled to herself.

She started making her way outside of the mansion and removed her shoes before walking towards the concrete railing. It was snowing. She should’ve been freezing due to her thin, sight dress, but she wasn’t. 

You were enjoying a conversation in the ballroom when you looked around and noticed Ella was missing. You could’ve sworn you saw a flash of her blonde hair and white dress head outside, so you followed. Once you stepped outside and let the door shut behind you, you looked down and stared at the white heels laying by the door. Slowly, you looked up and saw her.

“You really shouldn’t be out here alone, Bunny.” You chuckled as you approached Ella, causing her to flinch and turn around.

“Well… I’m not alone now, now am I?” She raised her eyebrow and cocked her head to the side.

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