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Your Guardian Angel

By @bluepixiedust

Chapter One

Madinconsistentrose: think these roses would be awesome if they we’re drenched in galaxies.

Anyone hearing me? Experimenting over the term break, guess I’ll be bored to death thinking about stuff. 

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“hmm…now what?” After I put up a picture of the roses I made an experiment with I’ve been staring at my computer screen for a long time. I kept scrolling through my tumblr feed, nothing else is new. The sun is bright outside, or so I think, because my curtains are drawn to keep the sunlight away. I’m not in the mood to feel warmth today, plus I’ve been trying to catch up on some sleep.

Anyway, someone online posted about how to have different colored roses. So the next day, I went to the flower shop and bought a bouquet of white fully bloomed roses and a bunch of dark blue food coloring. My little sister was surprised to see me with roses and almost called our parents but I gave her a dollar and that shut her up.

“You did not see anything, okay? Stay out of my business and never tell them.” My sister, Sarah, is already in her junior year of high school. I’m older than her and hopefully (crossing my fingers on this one) graduating college this summer and I still have no idea what to do with my life after those years of torturing my brain cells, maybe I’ll stay single and live with ten dogs and cats.

“Yeah yeah, it’s not like you have a boyfriend or anything. Later, ********* she passed by me and left. Where to? I have no idea and I don’t care as long as she comes home before our parents does or both of us sleeps outside which has been happening frequently that is why our garage became our safe house.

So back to reality, the roses are already drenched in a vase that’s full of dark blue food coloring, this way the stems would absorb water and the petals would have a dark blue color (crossing my fingers on this one and twisting my tongue). I stare at my phone and there isn’t even a single text from anyone, it’s just the start of the semester break and I guess they’re all having fun, aside from me.

I have nowhere to go and no friends to meet up with since most of them are in other cities, plus I don’t like to talk to anyone at the moment, I promised myself that this vacation will be my “me time”. 

Abysswalker followed you.

A tumblr notification came on making my eyebrow raise a little, pretty catchy name for someone who’s obviously not on tumblr to be weird without other people judging you. I rolled my eyes at myself, so much for me being madinconsistentrose. I went to his dashboard and I felt like I took an ice bucket challenge. This person, whoever he or she is has some deep understanding of the universe. There’s no description or anything but their dashboard is a whole new universe. 

It’s full of pictures of cities, landscapes and mostly paintings of random sceneries. Most of the stuff posted are post cards and stamps. There’s one picture that really caught my attention.

It’s a person, I mean it’s not clear if it’s a boy or girl but I’m pretty sure it’s a girl. The girl is holding a rose with her delicate fingers, her fingernails are painted dark red and the rose she’s holding looks like its plucked from the sky and it took the stars in its petals. There’s a charm bracelet in her left hand, there’s a pendant of a moon, a star and coffee mug. The face of the portrait is still incomplete only the lips and the shape of the girl’s face can be seen. She doesn’t even have hair, eyes and nose but the portrait itself is already captivating, or maybe because the base is made up of constellations and looks like the milky way (biased here!).

Abysswalker: anyone here who believes in people visiting you in their dreams because they think of you? What if it’s the other way around? I’ve been dreaming of the same girl all over again for the past three years now. I’ve no idea who she is and I still haven’t seen her face clearly.

Lukegodofflyingshoes: or what if it’s the ghost of someone you met before? Like you know reincarnation and stuff?

grumpygoldfish: when will you ever finish this painting? We’ve been waiting for three year already! We wanna know the mystery girl. Or is it you? Wait…. r u a girl?

I scrolled back on the picture and without second thoughts saved the unfinished portrait on my phone. This Abysswalker really is mysterious, I mean looking at his posts and the things he likes, it’s like he or she is a broken soul or wandering child just trying to find their way home. I shrugged at the thought and hopped into my bed, maybe I’ll plan out what I could do for the two weeks’ vacation but right now I need to catch up on my sleep. 

Minutes pased and I’m still staring at the ceiling. Still staring.

Oh darn, how could I fall asleep? I sat up and turned the air condition lower, 16 degrees. Perfect! Now, for the lights, I really have sensitivity to light, even when I’m dead ass tired and asleep one flick on the light switch is enough to wake me up. I turned all the lights off, well except for the light on my desktop because I never really turn that thing off unless I’ll be away for a very long time. I felt my room turn colder and I smiled to myself, perfect. As I lay down on my bed I turned on the projector I owned for almost four years and the room instantly became a galaxy of its own. I’ve always dreamed to be an astronaut, I mean who wouldn’t like to float in space and swim in the air? That would be so awesome. 

My eyelids sting and I fell asleep but it still felt like I’m awake. I’m dreaming, the same dream all over again. 

“Where are you taking me?” someone grabs my hand and kisses it softly sending shivers to my spine and goosebumps beneath my sweater. 

“On an adventure, mi amore. Here, trust me.” He opened his car door for me and guided me inside, when I sat down he fastened my seat belt and gave me a quick peck on the lips which caught me by surprise but I liked it anyway. We’re in the fast lane and I have no idea where we are going but as I stare at him I know he’ll keep me safe. His other hand is on the steering wheel while the other is in mine.

The scene changes and we’re now slow dancing to The Maine’s take me dancing on the beach. I can’t make out his face but he feels so familiar to me. It’s like I’ve known him or seen him somewhere. 

Finally the scene changes again and I’m running under the rain. I don’t know where I’m going but I’m shivering. When I heard someone calling me, I turned around and the next thing I felt was being hit by something and it went straight to my chest. Then darkness.

I jostled awake. My breathing is fast, I can feel my heart pounding and everything is a little blurry. I found my phone and it’s already dusk, 5:02 p.m. I got out of bed and draw the curtains, my room has an awesome view of the sunset, there’s a lake just below since our house is located at the top of a hill surrounded by woods. I don’t know if it’s the coldness of my room or the peacefulness and my orange-pink light drenched room but I felt a pinching in my heart. It’s as if the dreams had made its way to my heart and clawed it. Something was missing inside of me and I have no idea what that is but I felt somehow that maybe those dreams we’re something. 

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