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Your Eyes Like Fires

By @veedacity

Your Eyes Like Fires

I get so lost in your eyes

I want to see them all the time

I want to live in those depths

I look into them with love and they reciprocate it

And it makes me feel alive.

I’ve never met eyes like yours

That even when I’m not looking anymore

I still have them stamped to my memory

They tap me inside, pull me in,

And I go willingly;

I want more and more and more.

Alluring and responsive and sometimes cutely tired

But always alive and imbued by stunning fires.

Your eyes that when I saw them for the first time,

I could not explain them; I could not explain how

I became obsessed with them even now.

Thousands of miles away from you,

I would be thinking about those eyes,

And they would be driving me wild.

I want to look into your eyes and live there.

Let me look into you forever as if I am falling in,

Completely hopeless of escape.

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