An Artist's Hand

By @Kittyqueen79
An Artist's Hand

This is a short poem about being an artist and longing to be like other artists. For an artist it's hard to d your art, especially when someone you know is so much "better" than you. Try to work on your style, because if you end up doing it like them, it's not you. It won't truly be YOUR art. Please read it, it would only take a second and it would mean so much to me. :)

Chapter 1

An Artist's Hand

Gentle strokes,

A colored twist,

An artist’s hand,

Could only do this.

That’s what they say,

But it’s not true,

Everyone can do it,

Even you.

It’s not that hard,

If you practice,

You’ll get better

At this.

Don’t try,

To be like another,

Because in the end,

It’ll never be yours.

So don’t close the doors

To your creative style

Trust me,

It’s worthwhile.

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