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You left my legs behind! A little Halloween writing exercise

By @Snake-of-Eden


“Why in the hell would you use me as your emergency contact?” Asked Mays voice from the nose of the car as they screamed and wound down the dark twisting road.

“You left my legs behind!” Squeezed her companion from the rear blood covered seats.

“And you’re still talking and breathing!” May yelled over the pattering rain and the rubbery squeak of the windscreen wipers.

“How am I gonna re-attach them now?” She snarled, gripping the grip handle at the cars roof to steady themselves as the car swayed in the howling wind.

“Shut up I have to concentrate!” May barked, squinting at the oncoming signposts as it swam into view.

As May skidded to a halt at a crossroads with her indicator on, she sighed. The rain washed silverfish sheets over the windscreen, the wipers only just kept up the pace. Mays mind was racing however.

“You can go!” Shouted her new friend from the back seat. May snapped her attention back to the present and turned the car right down another winding side street, urging it on through the driving rain.

“What happened anyway?’ Asked May, trying and failing to keep a measured tone.

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