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You Leaving Me

By @CarmaJocelyn


When you felt so alone,

Like a leaf falling away from a tree

When the words are hitting you again and again

When no one noticed your feelings

When no one else cares

I will be there

I will be there

Her promise keeps ringing around in my head

Her lies cloaks me in shame

How could I trust her?

I laid my fears, my pain 

At her feet 

And when she finally knew the real me

She threw me away like trash

My supposed friend

Even my friend turned away from me.

Will I ever trust again?

The small flicker of life drained away from my heart

Now I sit 

In the middle of a crowd 

No one noticing,

Dwelling in my thoughts

Drowning even

I drown in my sadness

In my pain

I wallow in my guilt

My guilt?



Her guilt, she took everything from me

She has no guilt 

So I must bear it for her

Her face imprinted in my mind 

I will never forget

There will always be a gaping hole in my chest

A wound that will never heal

A wound that will be with me till I age and sleep below a stone

I lift my head the crowd is gone

Now only me

Always going to be only me

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