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By @sydneysbooks

The First

Before there was light, there was dark,

Closed eyelids and beeping machines.

Dying is no walk in the park,

Or so I learned upon realizing

I was not actually dead, but rather, alive

Blunt force, trauma to the head, bruises

They whispered, “You have the strength to survive”

Death came to play, but I wasn’t losing

When I walked into the light I didn’t find heaven;

I found my family filled with hopeful tears,

An IV in my arm, and a head newly shaven.

My heart was still beating, steady and fierce.

I may not remember what happened

Before the reaper came knocking down my door

While I thought for sure the world had ended,

Living through the pain might even the score.

One day I’ll be dancing under the moon again,

Out of this starchy white bed and free.

Even at my worst, the world did not end;

So the next time the reaper comes knocking

He’ll have to face me.

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