YALLWest Teen Writing Contest!

By @Ladybug108

YALLWest Teen Writing Contest!

By @Ladybug108

A lost girl who didn't love her story who decided to change it.

Chapter 1

Fly Away

Guilt, pain as it tackles me down

Hey, Rose are you ready now?

Weak but vulnerable

No parents to guide me

Just me in my surroundings

Just a caterpillar

They took me away

Claiming they would give me a better day

Morning and night wasn’t feelin the same

No mom and dad to call my own and come to my games

Just mr. and mrs. when i came home

One home to another

Still a baby but i wonder

When will the time come when i surrender

1 more year as a cacoon

By then i would be out the womb

Bags packed and ready say

The time has come for me to fly away

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