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XOXO, thunder

By @Izzy_a_z

Prologue: Definition of highschool

If you\’ve seen at least one teen show in your life, you must think that high school is full of drama and interesting stories. That all the boys and all the girls look like models.

 But, let\’s be honest, if you\’ve set foot in a real American high school once in your life, you know the truth. Those show are full of **** .Because High school is not full of rainbows and unicorns and dull rivalries. No, high school is like the French court in the 1500’s. Murders, betrayals, backstabbing, gossip and unexpected alliances. High school is a kingdom.

People are mean and condescending, you are either at the top of the food chain, where you are royalty, or at the bottom of it. If you are at the bottom, there are two states. 

The first, you\’re invisible, if you say a word in the middle of a conversation including the royalty, not a head will turn up to look at you. If you are in that state, you are a lucky *********

Then again, there is the second state. The punching ball. To get to the top, you have to kill. You embarrass and socially crush people from the bottom, you pile their bodies to get to the top and have a seat at the royal table. In this state you are fornicated. You\’re screwed in other words.

I, Isabelle Anderson, personally stand in the invisible case. My brother is royalty, while my friends are punching balls. I would\’ve been one as well if my brother didn\’t threaten to kill anyone that laid a hand on me. I don’t mind being invisible, attention brings problems. 

If I stay invisible, everything will be alright. I\’ll finish high school, leave Virginia and go study are in New York. Don\’t mix and mess up with royalty is my number one rule. The thing is, I didn’t know that this year I was gonna break my golden rule.

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