Writing Styles

By @SaraAwadALmahri

Writing Styles

By @SaraAwadALmahri

Group 4

Chapter 1

Final form (after the feedback and editing)

      Writing is an old way to express ideas and feelings that develop through the years. In the past, people used to write by hand. Nowadays, printed writing become more common and trendy. Currently, the types of writing are limited into two methods, which are handwriting and printed writing.

       Researches show that handwriting reflects humans’ personalities. As everyone has a unique finger print, similarly they have their unique writing styles. Although handwriting has many benefits, it is time-consuming. Therefore, people tend to find other practical ways to write. 

         In contrast, printed writing is considered as a perfect time-saving method. Since printed writing is more legible and easy to be edited, it became an easier method to use for various services. One of which, the applications that help to decrease written errors in drafts. Despite its advantages, it has a bad influence on peoples’ writing skills, such as spelling mistakes. 

         Both styles are required and essential in the academic field and other sectors. In addition, handwriting and printed writing serve the same purpose. Meaning by that, you need to use the same grammatical structures and vocabulary. Also, handwriting and printed writing are used for communication, entertainment and spreading knowledge. 

           In conclusion, whether people prefer handwriting or printed writing, both styles have advantages and disadvantages, which means that the decision depends on the writer himself. From my perspective, people should determine their ideal writing style according to their preferences. 

Hawra Alshula.

Abrar Hokroh.

Shahad Alshareef

Wid Aldrees 

‏Mayada aldossary 

Sarah Awadh

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