Writing Styles

By @Bubshait

Chapter 1

People always express their thoughts by writing. Many years ago, handwriting was the only way available for people. With the advent of technology, we now have more ways to write. However, many people prefer to use their hands. While handwriting and type-writing have the same process, there are many differences between them. 


Handwriting has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, it may reflect the writer’s personality.You can notice that each writing has its own space, shape and size. On one hand, this type of writing is unique because it makes everyone special in their own way. On the other hand, the main drawback of handwriting is that it is time consuming which makes it impractical in professional life. besides, it needs more effort if the writer wants to edit handwriting text because he might have to rewrite it.


   In contrast, type-writing does not reflect the writer’s personality. Although, type-writing has many advantages. One of which, is that the writer can save a lot of time unlike handwriting. The other advantage is that it is easier to edit and read. In addition, the writer can save his writing even share it within a second. Finally the best advantage of type-writing is that it has the auto correct function.


   Handwriting and type-writing have many similarities. First, both of them gives the writers the chance to express their feelings and opinions by choosing suitable vocabulary. Second, whether the writer chooses handwriting or type-writing he must stick to the grammatical rules. Moreover, in both writing types writers should use transitional words properly in order to organise their writing. Of course, both writing types are useful and you will end up with the same results, but it is a personal preference.


 In conclusion, handwriting and type-writing offers the writer a chance to represent his or her ideas. Some people tend to use type-writing because it has many advantages. While handwriting is helpful, it is considered more ineffective in the business life. However, your writing style does not matter, what actually matters is your thoughts and content.

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