End Of Summer Writing contest

By @amazingHANNAH

End Of Summer Writing contest

By @amazingHANNAH

My submission for the end of summer writing contest. I chose the tattoo prompt.

Chapter 1

My Tattoo is Haunted

“Do we need to go over the plan? You’re going to kill her right?” I roll my eyes, making it seem like the heist will be no big deal.

“I wouldn’t have made it this far if I couldn’t.”

“Okay, okay, I’m just panicking last second. Everything needs to be perfect,” Damien Felter replies.

“I know, and it will be. Can you just leave me alone so I can get it done?” I have to fight to keep the bitterness out of my voice. If he thinks I hate him, then I won’t get to finish the plan. He finally leaves, and now I’m left alone with no choice but to do the dirty work.

I was hired by the man who invented magical tattoo ink, like the actual, living person. I work for the one and only Damien Felter, the man praised because his ink transforms a normal tattoo into haunted one. His first tattoo was of his mother who passed away, but because of his invention, she now lives forever, in his mind.

Damien had another breakthrough, that will change the world yet again. Why couldn’t he have just stopped while he was ahead? I have to be the one running around to test this for him, even though he’s a thousand percent sure he’s a genius and it will work. Instead of just one haunted tattoo, now a person can get multiple. Which is why I was hired: to kill Krystina Belle to ensure that Damien will be haunted by her. But little did Damien know that this famous celebrity he so desperately wants his second tattoo to be, would go in a totally different direction.

As I leave Damien’s mansion, I can’t stop smiling at what I’m about to do. Revenge is dripping down my fingers, itching to get out of mind and into the real world. This wasn’t a decision I made lightly, but it’s the only way to ensure that more lives aren’t ruined, like mine was.

I get in the black car Damien provided, but instead of driving towards Krystina’s mansion, I take a detour. Finding the address was near impossible, but it all payed off. After a fifteen minute drive, I arrive in front of Cole’s trailer home. I sit in the car for a moment, staring up at the pitch black sky, trying to clear my head of all the thoughts running through it.

Damien deserves it. Damien deserves it. Damien deserves it. I repeat this chant in my head, until the coldness takes over, unfeeling and ready to finish the job.

He tore apart my family. I take a step towards the door.

He has prompted countless murders. I take another step.

He has ruined everything. Another step.

He will pay.

Without hesitating, I open the unlocked door. Clearly, no one ever comes looking for him. Quietly making my way to the bed Cole currently sleeps on, I look down at the man feared by one person. Cole’s son has invented the thing that turned us all into animals, and it will only get worse.

I turn off the gun’s safety. Damien has torn apart my family, everyone fighting over who gets the haunted tattoo of our loved ones who have passed away. The tattoos have caused crazy fans to murder the people they admire, just for their voice inside their head.

Without thinking twice, I pull the trigger. This is for the greater good.

I hope it’s fun having your father that you fear so much inside your head for the rest of your life. I don’t bother wiping off the blood on my white clothes. Everyone can know that I ruined their savior Damien Felter. I leave this man behind to check on his son.

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