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Writing Competition!! (Jun 24-Aug 7) Summer Stories!!!

By @Sarahisdaname

How To Enter!

To enter, simply comment the title of your piece in the second chapter of this article!

Your piece can be anything, a story, journal entry, poem, or even a grocery list! (Ya know… if ya want, lol). Just make it summer themed! It can be about summer, during summer, or simply an idea caught from thinking about summery things! Feel free to be creative!

Whoever’s entry has the most likes by August 7th will be the winner, and I will announce winners sometime on August 7th!!

(TIP: Enter your piece as soon as possible to get as many likes as you can, and keep working on it until August 7th!)


-No swearing and no inappropriate or vulgar language! This includes inappropriate scenes (please keep your pieces within PG or PG-13 range yo)

-Please keep violence to a minimum, or just don’t be too graphic (again, PG or PG-13)

-Create something new! Please don’t reuse previously written pieces, but it is okay to start on ideas you’ve had in the past

-Don’t plagiarize!

-Be kind and courteous to others, and have fuuun!

Please check out other people’s entries so we can have more likes to work with!!

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