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Writer’s block

By @LadyofAthens

Why can’t I write?

I used to love writing, it came so naturally, like breathing only easier.

Have I lost my touch, my drive, my will?

I don’t understand what happened, what changed?

Have I become my own road block, my own worst nightmare?

Have I just given up inside? Too intimidated to even try?

I used to write just for me, now I’m so worried if others will like it that I trip over my words. 

Writing use to be my escape, but now I am terrified.

Thoughts like “Why bother,” or “What’s the point”, LIVE in my mind. 

Was I ever any good at this? At one time I thought so, but story after story unfinished or for nothing to show may say otherwise. 

All I ever wanted was to tell stories so…

Why can’t I write?

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