Two Writers, Bradon and Frank work at a job called Writers Nation. Who is a writing company that expects a new story to be created and published every single month that goes up to the finale that is held on Christmas Day. Causing a lot of panic and tension when both of them have writer's block and decides to create a device that will hopefully solve most of their problems until someone, from both their pasts, decides to push ahead of the competition. Making the two writers create a new plan.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1



    Definition. Writer’s Block- The inability to come up with ideas and basically the entire story.’ The very thing that I am having while I am trying to create my next story. The story that will hopefully.. Wait. Hold up. Before I start my story, I should probably introduce my name. Which is Brandon with no last name. Because I don’t know my last name cause I have no clue where my parents are. 

Therefore the reason why I am living with my good friend Nathan. Along with of course his parents and 2 younger brothers named William and Emily. The only family I really have at this point in my life as I continue down the chapters of how I became a writer. Which is one of the passions that I thrive to do on a daily basis. But, my passion might become a job if I accept the offer that I was given and…hold up. One sec. Oh yeah, I now remember to say, I thought while I wrote my story and typed down, ‘ that I will not release any spoilers cause I was just born that way.’ So I am going to just back up and start at the very beginning. 


                                                                                                           CHAPTER 1 


“WOOSH.” The sound of the water from the faucet in the bathroom while I start my morning routine by washing my face. Causing me to feel the ice-cold water beating at my skin. The very thing that I do not do often but should as I am getting ready in the morning. I then brush my teeth and hear, “BANG BANG BANG.” coming from the bathroom door as Emily, my nonblood/what I view as my biological sister says, “What are you doing? Giving yourself a manicure?”  I then replied  “No, I am washing my face and brushing my teeth. Be patient.” I said. Already sorta annoyed. 

  She then says, “Well, the school bus…” And stops mid-sentence and I hear footsteps down the hallway and down the stairs to the first level where the door is located. I then hear it open and muffled voices and a couple of minutes later I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and then Emily says, “There are some creepy dudes saying that they want to talk to you.” In a slightly worried voice. I then replied. “Tell them I’ll be down in a sec.”

  Emily then replied “Gotcha” and did the same thing as before as I finish getting ready and open the doorknob that has a sound like “Creek.” while I open it and walk down the hallway and downstairs to the door. I was greeted by one of them saying, “Are you, Brandon? Also known as The Writers King?”

   “Yeah, Why and, how do you know my name?” I asked while Emily was standing next to me alert and ready for anything. The man then says, “You have been recruited to go to a school called Writers Nation. That will teach you the ways to become a writer by submitting your own original story to the board each month. It will get graded and you will get the money that is judged on how good it is.” I then commented, “Wait why me and, if I am going to accept this offer then I am going to have to think it over.” 

The man then said, “That’s understandable. We will give you 72 hours. And, we were impressed by your essay on the Antarctic you posted about a month ago.” Causing  me to look at him and  say, “Really?” I replied and then added, “Well, I am not very much of a writer now and these days because I have writer’s block. I am just waiting for any inspiration to get me going again but, “Yes, I would like to think it over.”

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