Worth the Fight

By @DemiCatherine

Chapter 1


August 29th 11:12pm

“Cathy there is no better generation than the millennials.” 

“How would you know Nessie? Are you a time traveler?”

“No but it’s a lot easier to stalk people through Instagram than in person, like our parents did.”

“Our parents did not stalk people. And you still stalk people in person.” 

“I do not.”

“Stop lying you literally stalk my brother. Plus you check his social media all day everyday.”

“Not my fault your brother is hot.”

“My brother is a jerk and I don’t know why you like him.”

“Like I said he’s hot.”

“Ew Nessie. If you weren’t my best friend I’d stop hanging out with you.”

“Then you’d have no one to hangout with.”

“Shut up!” I couldn’t help but laugh. 

I had plenty of friends. But none of them knew me like Nessie. I could be myself around her and never second guess it. She was also the only person in the world that I could hangout with everyday and never get tired of her. 

    We’ve grown up together. she’s more like my sister. I don’t remember a memory she wasn’t apart of. Our parents are best friends and she lives only four houses up from me. Now that we are roommates in college we are together everyday. We are both going to in grad school. We have just two more years until freedom. I can’t wait to move out of Philly. I’ve loved growing up in South Philly and going to college in the center city but I don’t want to be stuck here my entire life. Nessie on the other hand never wants to leave. She swears she’s going to marry my brother and live here until she dies. I keep telling her she will marry someone she hasn’t even met yet. But if she does wind up staying in the city after college I wouldn’t be shocked she fits in. She looks like she’s from here. She has silky long brown hair that she wears poker straight. Her parents are Italian so she has the perfect olive skin. She’s short and petite but she can hold her own. Every guy in our neighborhood likes her back home. Not that back home is far. We’re only 15 minutes by car alway. Even my brother likes her but he’s two proud to admit it. He doesn’t have a hard time getting girls probably why he hasn’t shown the slightest interest to Nessie yet. But I can tell he likes her. They would be cute together as much as I hate to admit it. They would balance each other out in a weird way.Nessie is short, Frankie is tall. She has olive skin, he has fair skin. She has brown eyes, he has blue. I’ve been hopeful that Nessie would meet someone in college and get over her obsession with my brother. I starting to really doubt it now. Nessie has spent the last week delating every post and picture that doesn’t seem mature enough for the job market. She said she wants her pages to look mature and personal not screaming college student. So far she’s deleted nearly every post. 

“Hello? Earth to Cathy!”


“I said can you text your brother find out where he’s hanging out?”

“Like I said stalker. And no I’m tired from moving in all day.”

Our tiny two bedroom apartment on campus was a pain in the ass to move into today. The elevator was packed with everyone else moving in and we had to carry everything up four flights of stairs all day. 

“Cathy you act like a grandmom! This is our last weekend of freedom before classes start. Just text him.”


[what are you doing tonight?

{I’m at Bernies bar. Are yous all moved in? 

Bernie’s bar is six blocks from out new apartment. Bernie is one of my best friends we have grown up together. His parents own a few bars around the city. Bernie just opened the one closest to the campus himself. It’s been a go to stop for everyone. 

[yea just have to unpack now. Thanks for all the help today!

{I had work I told you. Come up here I’ll buy yous drinks to make up for it 

[im hungry too

“He’s at Bernie’s.”

“I love you! Help me get ready!” 

Nessie is jumping up and down like a teenager right now. It’s cute though. 

“Get ready? For what Nessie You look fine. He’s probably drunk anyway.”

“Fine? No I need to look ******* hot.” 

“Ew can you stop! It’s still my brother you’re talking about.”

“Okay sorry! Now come help me.”

After settling on a pair of short white shorts and black silky tank top Nessie went in the bath to put makeup on. I really hope they actually hook up so she can get him out of her system. Maybe then she can move on. I need to shower I feel like I smell from moving all day. 

“Nessie are you done? I want to shower.”

“Yeah.” As she opens the bathroom door with her foot. I get the feeling this is going to be a long night. 

After a quick shower and fell like I washed ten years of filth off of me. 

I pulled on jean shorts and a vintage looking Rolling Stones T-shirt. My hair was dripping wet. The plus of having curly hair is that other than bushing it out after a shower I don’t do much else to it. It’s bleach blonde thanks to my amazing hairdresser Kelly Morgan. We went to high school together and have been friends ever since. 

“Cathy let me do your make up.”

“Nessie it’s just Bernie’s.”

“Yeah but everyone that’s living on campus will be going there tonight.”

“Oh yeah I forgot.” 

  I’ve gone out after Jason and I broke up but it just seems like a waste of time. I don’t want to meet a drunk guy at the bar. I want someone that has depth that isn’t just looking for a hookup. I’ll probably be single forever. I was with Jason from my sophomore year in high school up until about three months ago. I feel like I’ve changed and he’s stayed constant. He’s demeanor and attitude is the same as it was in high school. He’s done little to grow up. He also talked to me awful. Called me names daily and made me embarrassed to be myself. I still miss him and still text him weekly. I can’t just never talk to him again. I’ve basically grown up with him. I need to move on though. 

After twenty minutes Nessie was done my makeup. She always did an amazing job. I don’t know why she’s in college she should be a makeup artist or something. My eyes look perfect. She put black eyeliner with golds and brown eyeshadow to make my emerald green eyes pop. Nessie says my skin is porcelain it’s just a nice way to say I’m pale as ****. I’ve tanned all summer so I can at least have some color. 

Bernie’s is packed. I finally find Frankie in the back corner sitting in a booth. There’s girls sitting with him and someone else. I don’t know who he’s with but I wish I did. He’s super ******* hot. As we walk closer my heart rate continues to rise. He might be one of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen in person. He looks like a Instagram model. Nessie walks right up to the table. With a huge smile on her face. 

“Hey Frankie! Where these girls just keeping our seats warm?” Leave it to Nessie to make an entrance. The girls look like they want to rip our heads off. Frankie just laughs and the girls get the hint to beat it. Nessie slides in next to Frankie. I hesitate before sliding in next to the stranger. He doesn’t move over for me. I feel way to close for comfort. Nessie eyes are all over the guy next me to. His cologne is intoxicating. 

“Well Frankie are you going to introduce us or what?”

“My bad sorry. This is Vanni. Vanni this is my sister Cathy and her friend Nessie.” 

Maybe if I keep my eyes on Nessie I won’t blush to much. I can feel him looking at me. His cologne is expensive definitely not the crap boys spray in their dorms. He’s looks older than me. But how much older? Five years? Ten? His hands are rough. Really rough. His knuckles are basically still bleeding. I need to stop analyzing this guys hands. But they look so strong. I don’t think I’ve ever been turned on by someone’s hands before. It has been awhile since I’ve been turned on. Maybe that’s why body is in overdrive right now. He’s wearing black jeans and a black hoodie. His hoodie looks designer. Is he rich? His eyes are sapphire blue. His five o’clock shadow looks good on him. It’s not to long but not to short. His hair is the typical Philly boy cut. Its a blowout longer on top fades to shorter. Its so dark it looks like it’s dyed black. I can see gold chains peaking through on his neck. Could he get anymore perfect. 

Nessie is practically on Frankie’s lap. She leans in closer to Frankie’s face. “Frankie! Can you believe that Cathy would rather of grown up in any other era rather than ours!” 

Why is Nessie bringing this up right now? 

Frankie just shakes and head and laughs while looking at me. 

“No I believe it. She’s into that weird ******

What the hell Frankie.

I have to say something. “What weird **** Frankie? 

When men actually respected women?” 

I couldn’t bite my tongue. 

He throws his hands up in defeat he doesn’t want to argue with me.  

“Men don’t respect women anyone because women don’t respect themselves.” 

He did not just ******* say that! On another note holy **** his voice matches his outward appearance. It’s rough. Tranquil yet demanding. I want to hear it again. And his teeth! They are perfectly straight and white. He looks like a movie star. Who is this guy?

“Excuse me?” 

“It’s true girls just throw themselves at guys. Girls don’t care if it’s going to just be a one nightstand. A women is a prize. They should only open themselves to men that have earned the prize.”

“What the hell? Women are a prize? I’m not an object…” 

“I’m not saying you are. I’m saying in general women hold no worth to themselves and they should.” 

“Oh, so it’s okay for a guy to sleep around but not a women? Such a double standard.” 

“It is a double standard. It should stay one.” 

I am not staying here fighting with this ******* all night. What a waste of an outfit and makeup. 

It’s much cooler outside. The breeze feels calming on my warm face. My body is on fire. I want to punch that guy in the face. Who says **** like that? What an *******. Nessie did those girls a favor chasing them off. My phone vibrates in my back pocket.

[Nessie-are you okay? Do you want to leave?”

{no I’m fine. I’m the roof deck.


No one knows about the roof deck besides close friends of Bernie. Its closed to the public. Bernie’s probably afraid of people getting drunk and falling. I don’t blame him. I feel dumb standing up here when everyone is down stairs. Maybe I should just leave. There is no point in staying. I’m not going to get out of my bad mood now.

“Did you calm down killer?” 

That voice. I might just throw him over the ledge. 

“I’m calm thanks.” 

Now please go back down stairs and leave me alone. 

“Sorry for saying that ****. I got a lot of **** going on right now and you just caught me on a bad night.”

“Oh like what? To many girls throwing themselves at you tonight? Don’t know what one to pick?”

“Nah I definitely know who’d I’d pick if it worked like that.”

“What a lucky girl. Not.”

“What are you jealous?”

“And why would I be jealous? You’re a jerk.”

“Girls love jerks”

“I don’t know who told you that lie.”

“Just an observation.” 

“Well you must suck at observations.”

“I know you wanna **** me.” 

He did not just say that.

“You’re insane.”

“Am I though? You won’t even look at me because you can’t stop thinking about it.” 

He’s a psycho.

“I’m not looking at you because your ******* me off.”

“No you’re ****** off because you still want to sleep with me knowing I’m a jerk.” 

“You’re literally delusional.” 

“See you around Catherine.” Ive never been so happy to hear door slam in my life. And Catherine? No one calls me Catherine not even my own parents. Who does he think he is?

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