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Workings of Atlon

By @Smith


Date… 2121…

It started out as a small land mass in the Pacific. At first thought to exist for the purpose of balancing out the world, as Captain James Cook and many brave explorers have sought its existence, but all searches have failed. The land unknown is between the Asian and American continent, smaller than Australia, but bigger than France and Spain combined. A land that has risen up around the age of the prehistoric giants, and remained undiscovered by modern man. The Egyptians had it right. The vikings were not too far off. European explorers would never find it. A land with a species from outside our world has remained in secrecy to our knowledge. Stricken from their home planet they sought refuge on our early Earth. With technology beyond our time they constructed a land mass and called this home for many years. Making friends abroad from people who built pyramids, to people living in twig huts. Some of these foreign species were worshipped, some were feared. As time went on they realized their mistake of coming here. Not wanting to alter the Earth’s natural course of history they sheltered themselves on their small land mass in the pacific, secluding them and only a handful of trusted peoples. Through wind, rain, and natural disaster they have managed to keep hidden their existence from us for years dating back before Christ. It is sometimes said, that before Jesus came to the Middle East, he had first come to the foreign land. The aliens. Who took an appearance all too much like ours. After so long hidden from the world, they have finally begun to open their borders. A land they call in their language, Atlon Dey Terra Earthesa, or Atlon, for short. Not many know about it still, and I suppose you have the governments of the world to thank for that, considering they are trying to learn as much as they can before their citizens freak out about this finding. Though there is one particular story I’d like to share….

Date… 2024…

They said he would save us. I never imagined it would be like this. They said our world needed saving. I never imagined it would look like this. They said our way of life needed changing. I never imagined we would be living like this. They said this wouldn’t happen. But here I am. Without him.

In the year 2024 the world, on the verge of ecosystem collapse, has fallen into one of the greatest, deepest, heaviest, darkest times. An all out nuclear war has destroyed most every city, every town, every neighborhood. The only survivors are scattered around the globe in underground bunkers. But the only written record of what happened in the world’s aftermath is known by two lone women having traveled great distances to find people. They gave us a name. They gave us a face. They gave us a story to tell…

The News Reporter opened up a hand written letter. The button turned red, and the broadcast turned live to every living civilian, every standing home, every television, and every radio. This broadcast was the very first to reach people around the world after the nuclear storms cleared on the eighth day.

“His name was Samuel Roth. Apparently he was not from this world, but a part of him had come from somewhere else in the galaxy. We can think of him as a gift from above. For he walked this Earth for many years in search of purpose, and upon finding true love, a best friend, and four children, he has grown ready for the task given to him. Saving our society from peril countless times, out of the hands of pure evil and technological manipulation, he has given his one life to save the rest of the world from forever darkness. He has sacrificed himself for the continuation of this planet, and life shall go on, because of him and his acts of selflessness. Sam Roth, wherever you are, God rest your soul, we the people of Earth, are eternally grateful. Thank you.”

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