Words Can be Powerful

By @thewordymind
Words Can be Powerful

A collection of my poems that help people see the world through different perspectives and understand how you don't always know what people are going through in their life. "Quiet people have the loudest minds." -Stephen Hawking NO COPYRIGHT! Cover photo taken by me, and any stealing or plagiarism will result in a report and all my books coming down. CONSIDER THIS A WARNING.

Chapter 1

A Piece of Me Missing

I hurt. 

I grieve. 

I ache.

Death’s fingers crawl all over me. 

I’ve drifted off into a darkness, 

a darkness I can’t explain. 

A darkness I can’t escape. 

It sucks me in like a black hole,

not wanting to let go. 

It makes me remember times

that I wanted to put away forever.

Why is death doing this to me?

It makes me watch the most horrible. 

It makes my eyes bleed.

I’ve tried and tried,

and tried and tried,

to escape this terrible darkness. 

But looking on the positive,

I just can’t do.

Because a piece of me will be missing forever.

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