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Two Wonders

By @TinyPotato23


As I walked to Ember’s room to tell her what happened a spider fell on my arm. I flapped my wings like crazy, wasn’t a very good idea, I slammed in to every wall in the hallway. Raven black feathers flying everywhere. I looked back to see the spider on the ground crawling. I carefully stepped in to Ember’s dorm, she was watching anime without me. She had a large stack of paper in front of her I was thinking about blowing it all away, but I didn’t. I calmly showed her my wings.

“Happy official Sweet 16,” she paused and smirked, “how’s my ship.”

“SHUT UP!” I screamed so loud I’m pretty sure Max could hear me and he’s 25 dorms away. The dorms are huge some of them have pictures of human civilization from all of time on the ceiling. I’ve never seen a human, when “scientists” come we all hide using magic. That’s only happened once. We are hidden by a magic barrier which conceals everything. We can go outside, but we have to stay within the barrier. I was told we can leave at age 25, but no-one has.

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  1. Kurama4444

    Jul 7, 2021

    This looks like a cool story. Update?

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