By @Joyous_One


By @Joyous_One

Just young and confused. Hurting but trying to think more positively.

Chapter 1

Friday, May 22, 2015 2:33pm

Could I slice away my thoughts

Or maturely let them fade

For those new wounds would stay

Causing pain

I must say I don’t intend to harm thy self

For it’s a form of thought

Causing distraught

Perhaps passing flower beds will do

Or caressing the near by bark

While wiggling thy toes and fingers through the soft grass

Figuring through my muddled mind

Pouring sweet honey to sooth my troubled thoughts

While crafting memories waves of lovelier ideas ——– Originally lovely thoughts ( very repetitive though)

As of now I hear and see the greatest memory

I smell the cologne which lingers through my nostrils

I feel light warmth through out my body

Which tells me to stay

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