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Woman from Well

By @dolphin4d


It was hot that George could not endure.

‘I have to go to take shower.’

He said.

Then he left his house.

He walked in his blue rubber slippers.

That slippers were popular in Cambodia, especially at country side and George really liked it. He felt good and freedom in such slippers.

He liked Cambodia. He liked Cambodian. 

He liked Cambodian traditional house. He liked eat Cambodian traditional food.

He liked practice daily life like Cambodian in rural Cambodia.

He was glad to raise chicken, chase it with his rubber slippers when he wanted to make it his food, and that was what Cambodian in rural do.

He was relax at night with quiet sound of human, but only sound of cricket and cicada, and sometimes, dog howling. 

He was happy to smell of jasmine or Keo flower that grew in yard. It was fresh and beautiful and it was healthier than smelling of vehicles and electronic devices whether in Phnom Penh or US.

Cambodian was kind and good. He loved Cambodian. They gave a house to him when he arrived in their village. They brought food to him when he arrived first time. They took him to do farm, to fish, and they taught him growing vegetable and fruit. He lived happily in the village even he did not earn money, but his living was enough.

Only thing he could not use to was hot weather.

He could not bear with weather in Cambodia. It was hot for him. And there was no air conditioner or electric fan in his house because there was no electric in village, only Panasonic battery using, and it was rare used because they did not earn much.

Everyday, he wet his body with sweat.

Best solving was taking shower.

Even though, it was still hard for him, because there was no shower in his house, he needed to walk about 1 kilometer from his house to village well. He had no choice. He had to or he would die of hot.

George took towel, short pants and metal bowl. 

He walked to the well.

There were two big wells, but one was closed and covered. He ever asked the villagers why they did not use that well and the villagers said because there was animal living in it.

In his opinion, he thought it might be snake, so he did not ask them much.

George arrived at the well. He placed his towel and pants at safety place from water. He wore metal bowl on his head and walked to the well. 

It was almost evening.

There was a metal can which used to dip water from well. All he needed to do was drop can into the well. Cross mouth of the well there was a metal stick and there was string tie it together with hand of metal can. When he dropped can, he dived it into water, full the can, then pulled string to carry the can up. After, he dipped metal bowl into metal can and poured water on his body.

While he enjoyed shower, he heard sound. It was a kind of knocking. Strongly.

George looked around. That sound was close to him. He glared then he felt that sound was from closed-well.

George walked towards it. He wanted to make clear. He paid his ears to it.


Yes, it was really coming out that well.

George was thinking what was in there. Maybe it was the animal that villagers told him. It might want to get out. Another idea appeared. It might be someone falling in there and wanted to get out. 

He considered, if it was snake, it would be good, but if it was person.

His mind did not stay in peace, if it is person. So, he decided to open the cover. But he prevented in case it was animal, he did not open up at once, he opened just a piece, if it was animal, he would able to protect himself and covered it back.

He did like he planned.

He opened a small gap of cover and ran to stay a far to watch.


A hand came out of that gap.


George hurriedly ran to the well and broke the cover.

‘Wait. Wait.’ He said in Cambodian language. ‘Stay calm. I am helping you.’

The cover was removed.

George helped that person out.

It was a woman.

She looked weak.

George let her sit on ground.

She was pretty.

She said to George with beautiful voice, ‘Thanks for helping me.’

‘Never mind,’ George said. ‘Why you stay inside?’

‘I was pushed into it and they covered the well.’ The woman told.

‘Who are they?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘How long do you stay in there?’

‘I don’t know. I don’t remember.’

‘Where is your house?’ George asked her.

‘Village in the north.’ She said in low voice.

‘You look so weak.’

‘I haven’t eat for days.’

‘Well, if you don’t mind, go to rest at my house and I will go to your village to call your family.’

‘No need to bother you. Just let me rest at your house for a while then I can go home myself.’

George did want to help her, but he could not refuse her suggestion. He knew Cambodian was conservative, man could not bring woman home or she would be talked behind.

He assisted her to walk his home.

Sun was running down and the darkness covered the sky.

George and the woman arrived home. She stayed on mat on his house.And George brought food to her to eat.

After, he looked at the sky and said to her, ‘It is already dark. It is not safe for you to go home. You can stay at my house tonight and tomorrow you can leave.’

The girl smiled and nodded.

She continued eating.

George asked and knew she named Keo.

After eating, George washed up and she slept.

George asked her to sleep in his room and he stayed outside.

General, people at rural slept early. 

George lived there for a month. He used to. He went to bed early.

When he was in sleeping, he heard sound. He opened his eyes. That sound was coming out of his room. George jumped quickly into bed room for he thought that girl might get something wrong.

As he opened the door, he saw her was laying in bed. She slept on her right side, showing cleavage to his eyes. At that time, smell of Keo flower came from her body flying through wind into his nose. Once he smelled it, he felt great and he saw her more beautiful.

She opened her eyes and sat up. 

She looked at him with sweet eyes.

She gave a glare that make him walk towards her unconsciousness.

When he reached the bed, she laid her arms to surround his neck and pulled him slowly over her. She fell her body on bed, also dragged his body too.

What to call? Lucky day.

George felt it was sweet strange day that he met her. He never thought she allowed him to touch for he heard that Cambodian woman was really hard to flirt. He could not believe himself she seduced him first. Although, he did not care. He left everything behind and enjoyed his present happiness.

Now, he was with pretty woman. He was glad. He did not waste.

He kissed every inch of her body. 

He tasted her full breast. Very delicious.

He rubbed his lower body against her lower part.

Very good. Very content.

He felt good when he saw she moaned. She expressed that she liked his action. She did not mind whether he did slow or fast. She enjoyed all.

They spent the night happily.

Then George fell into deep sleep because he was tired.

**** a doodle doo.

George opened eyes. He opened slowly.

Morning came.

He looked on bed and found he was sleeping alone.

Where is Keo?

He got off the bed and left room.

He searched whole house. No shadow of Keo.

She probably goes home.

He thought so he prepared himself.

He went to ask his Cambodian friend where was north village. His friend named Di. Di told it was far from this village. He asked George why he asked about that village. George wanted to reply but then he reminded that if he said, his and Keo affair would expose and she might get blame, so it was better to shut up, after that he told his Di that he just asked.

He paid goodbye to Di and came back home.

When he arrived home, he tried to think to find Keo. He thought of going to find her by himself, but he did not know her house, how could he find her. Moreover, he was scared that her family would punish her if he showed up and told about their last night story. He was stressful. No good way for him. He really wanted to meet her.

Whole day, George did not do any work. Just sat in his room thinking of way to see Keo.

The sun was set.

As the night covered the sky, the dog howled.

It was strange that tonight dog in village howled. Not only one, but dogs in village. They howled together.

George was sleeping in bed, opened eyes, and placed his hand on his forehead.

Then he heard knocking on his door.

George got out and yelled, ‘Who?’

There was no reply.

He walked to the door and opened it.


It was Keo.

She stood at the door and smiled at him.

It was like lottery winning. 

George jumped to hug her and kissed her mouth.

‘Where did you go?’ He asked her.

‘I go home.’ She replied.

‘You did not tell me.’

‘I saw you were tired and was sleeping well. I am afraid to bother you so, I go without telling you.’

At least, she came back.

George was happy. 

He kissed her lips. Wildly. Then he dragged her into house and placed her at wall. He continued kissing her. Neck, chest and he moved on down.

Keo produced moaning.

She enjoyed George was doing to her.

After, he returned to kiss her lips and after that, he carried her to bed room.

They practiced assignment again.

And tonight, they had pleasure with several poses and longer than last night. They really enjoyed. They really liked.

After that night, Keo usually came to sleep with George. She arrived after sun set and left before sun rose.

George ever asked her about her house, but she did not tell him. He wanted to meet her parents, and she told it was not right time, she asked George to give her time to tell her family.

George stayed quiet after hearing her.

He waited for her.

They contacted for ten days.

During these day, George noticed Keo was strange.

Her pleasure became much. She wanted more than one time a night. Furthermore, she preferred hard core. And became longer and harder.

Few nights later, she needed whole night. He felt he was almost die because he was so exhausted, but he felt weird about himself that when she said she wanted, even he lost his energy, still he did not dare to deny her. He pleased her whatever she wanted. Moreover, George saw she moaned louder than usual women he ever slept with. Her voice was so loud. It was fortunate that each house in village was far away from each other or the whole village would hear.

He had strange about his woman. Especially, her present and leaving.

One morning, he got up. He walked off the bed, weakly, like drunken man. He almost fell, good luck he caught himself. He tried to walk out of bed room, but when he passed mirror, he was shock to see his face.

He looked at his reflection in mirror. He could not recognize himself.

He had black circle around his eyes. He had pale face.

His lips were white like no blood.

His hair was less. It fell. It was scary just he touched hair and it came along with his hand.

‘What happen to me?’

He asked himself.

Then he felt he got headache and had no strength and he returned to bed.

He needed sleep.

He slept until afternoon, without taking lunch.

Di did not see George for many days. He was worried about him so he came to his home to check. He brought him food.

As he arrived in his house, he felt his house had strange smell. Bad like dead.

He went in and saw George was sleeping in his bed. He awoke George to eat. 

George got up with weak motion. He came out to sit on mat and had meal with Di.

Di saw him weak so he asked, ‘How are you?’

George said, ‘I’m fine. Just sleepy.’

Di looked at his face and expressed, ‘You look not well.’

George smiled and told he was fine.

Di did not say anymore. He noticed his friend. He felt George met something not good. He noticed his hair fall.

After, Di left George’s house.

And George returned to sleep.

Di did not go his house yet. He hid himself near his house to find out what’s going on. He waited until the night fell, the dogs howled, and he witnessed everything.

A woman was coming to George’s house. She was pretty, but Di found she had no leg.

Di knew immediately about her identification.

He kept eyes on her. She arrived at door and knocked. George opened the door. He smiled when he saw her and they began to embrace and kiss each other. After, George and her got into the house and closed the door.

Di slid his body to side of house.

He looked up at window of George bed room. He was shock to eye they making affair at open window. The woman showed her breast and hold window while George stayed behind her, grabbed her breast and their body shook together along with her strong screaming.

Di quickly removed himself from the scene and back home. He was worried about George. He could not sleep whole night. He wished morning to come soon.

When sun came up, Di hurriedly went to pagoda and told everything to the monk. He asked the monk to help George. The monk said there was only way to save him was to bring him here. 

Di followed the monk. He went to George and asked him to come to pagoda with him.

George denied for he was tired, he wanted to sleep, but Di did not allow, he dragged George with him.

He took George to see the monk.

The monk blessed him with water.

George seem awoke when his face was spray by water from the monk.

After, the monk talked with him and also Di.

George was shock to know about Keo.

‘Her house is in north village. She had boyfriend, and she was kidnapped and raped by her boyfriend and his friend. After, they killed her and dropped her body into the well. She became ghost and usually haunted this villagers so the villagers decided to cover that well.’

The monk told George.

‘I did not know. I heard people telling me in that well there was animal, I thought it was snake or another animal.’ George said.

‘The villagers do not call ghost,’ Di explained. ‘They call animal.’

‘I see.’ George nodded. ‘What’s about her family?’ 

‘They changed house. We don’t know where they’re gone.’ Di said.

‘Then what should I do next?’ George asked the monk.

‘Don’t worry,’ the monk claimed. ‘We will go to the well and consecrate then her soul will go to peace.’

George agreed.

He and Di brought the monks to the well. The monks stood around the well and recited dharma. George and Di saluted and offered speech in mind to Keo to rest in peace.

After that, they returned.

Di was worried so he called George to stay with him few days.

Also, he brought George to pagoda to offer food to the monk and wished it to Keo.

After he did that, one night, George dreamt about Keo. She said she came seeing him to say thank and goodbye.

When he woke up, he told his dream to Di and Di said her soul rest in peace now.

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