Wolven: Tirum

By @Marine-the-cat
Wolven: Tirum

"Being the god of time isn't so bad young Tirum... It's just... a bit painful... or, so your father said..." My mother, Sanuki, the leader of the Wolven tribe, spoke solemnly.

Chapter 1


You humans think this girl is just writing stories? she’s not. She is writing your future. I am Tirum Wolven. I am not the oldest sibling of my “Pack” but i am the most powerful. In this series Marine is writing titled “Wolven” you will learn of the wars and losses of life. I have warned you of the heartbreak and bloodshed you’ll see around every corner. Read if you are brave enough.


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  1. Firefoxtale

    Sounds cool. Can’t wait for more.

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