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Woe – Anterior

By @therealsalmanshaik


By the end of the day, I was exhausted. I went to my room, removed my jacket and laid on my bed. I grabbed my earphones from the table near my bed, plugged it into the phone and started listening. From nowhere Megha appeared, she also laid in bed beside me. She took one of the earphones from me, and as usual, she started chattering. The next day morning, my parents and our relatives who attended the ceremony started discussing marriage.

My mom called our Pandit and asked him dates for marriage, he gave us two options one is April 12th at 11 am and another is April 12th at 10 pm.

I voted up for the morning one, and then the topic of discussion changed about the place of marriage. My dad came up with an idea of Destination Wedding, and he suggested us goa. But Mom said the Destination for Wedding will be decided by Megha. I called Megha and informed her that we are planning for the destination wedding and asked her, her choice of place. ”I’m okay with any place you like” replied Megha.

The focus turned towards me, everyone started asking my choice and I said:”Malibu”.

You want to go all the way west from east to get married.” asked dad.

I replied:”Yeah, What is the problem with that? You came to New York traveling thousands of miles to my marriage, then why can’t we travel a few more miles for it.

Okay, fine.but where in Malibu?

I know a place there.

What is it?

Malibu West beach club.

You seem well prepared.

Prepared for what?

For marriage?

Yes, I should be.

Well my son, if the venue is fixed can we think about invitations?

Yeah, I’ll take care of it.

If you want to do everything, why are we here?

I’m sorry, one of my friends is into this business.

Oh, is it? good!

Yeah, but we have a problem here.

What is it?

He Lives in LA.

I don’t see a problem in that.

But we have to travel all the way west to get ’em.

Why do we need to do that? We will send our people for that if we need to or else we can communicate through Skype.

Yeah, but we should go to California to at least check the venue.

I’ll do that.

While invitation cards were ordered, I sent some people invitation emails.At first, I thought Inviting Varsha personally, so that I may get a chance to talk with her. But taking the situation into consideration, I’m damn sure that she will not even see my face. So I mailed Varsha too.

I still had five months of marriage, but I wasn’t sure how to convince Varsha. I visited Megha place so many times and know she thinks I’m into with her. I didn’t even know what was I doing, I just wanted to meet Varsha.

Three months passed but there was no sign of Varsha, I think she never leaves her room and I can’t explain Megha about all these things. If I do, she will kill me.

One day, I dared to meet Varsha myself. I went straight to Varsha’s room, the door was locked from Inside. I knocked on the door, I heard someone approaching the door. The door opened and guess who was there, it was Megha.

She asked:”What are you doing here? I thought you were sitting in the hall.

I was silent, she continued talking: “Oh, You came here for me right? But you should knock on my door, instead, you knocked on Varsha’s door. Why?

I was still silent, she said:”You got confused right, it happens with me too.

I nodded.

I was safe that day, Megha questioned me and she answered them too. She continued:”Actually Varsha and I exchanged rooms because her room has two beds So that if you come over some night you can sleep in my room.”

A few days later, I got a message from Megha stating that Varsha is leaving New York. I tried at least to see her, but I was late she left before I reached there. I was thinking to call her, but I know that she will not respond to my call. So I tried with Megha’s phone, but Varsha threw her Phone in a dustbin in Megha’s house. I asked Megha:”Did she spoke something before leaving?

Yeah!” replied Megha.

What is that?

She said she going to start a new life and asked us not to contact her.

Did she spoke anything about me?

I’m sorry, she didn’t

The day she left was the day of love, people get happy in the name of love but my love gave me grief for the rest of my life.

We went to Malibu a week the marriage, my dad says he has some Pre-Marriage Activities and Megha says she wants to enjoy the city. I was the one who traveled for no reason except marrying Megha. Pete called our friends who live in California to hang out. Those people got to know that my mood is off, so asked me for the reason. I didn’t disclose about Varsha with them but Pete did and they ask me to show them her picture. One of them responded that he saw Varsha in Santa Monica.

There were only two more days left for my wedding, I told my parents that I’m going to my friend whom I forgot to invite for the wedding and I’ll back by the day wedding. My mom caught my ear and took me into my room and said: “You’re not going anywhere.


There are so many things you need to do before marriage and you’re not supposed to leave this place.


I don’t know, people just say.

Leave it ma, I’ll be back by evening.

No, if your dad knows then he will kill me.

Pete is also coming with me.

So what? Still, your father will kill me.

He will not know, I’ll be back by evening.

In that case, you can go. But you should come back by evening.

Love you Ma.

We reached Santa Monica in 20 mins. We went to the place where she was seen before. I tried asking people about her, we were unsuccessful in that attempt. Then we visited every single hotel to search for her, but that attempt was also not successful. I promised my mom that I’ll be there by evening, so we started coming back from there. On our way,back to malibu.

“What will you do if we get Varsha?” asked Pete.

I replied: “Nothing.


Before leaving she said she will start a new life and asked us not to contact her.

So you still want to meet her even if she doesn’t like to.


Then, why did we travel to Santa Monica?

I just wanted to see her.

Just to see her, we came to Santa Monica?


Come on man, I thought you came here to talk with Varsha and make her marry you.

What do you think, If I ask Varsha to marry me, she will simply agree?

No, but I think we can still try.

No, I promised Megha that I’ll marry her and I don’t want to cheat Megha too.

So, you are not loving Varsha anymore.

I don’t know, dude.I’m with a strange feeling now, I don’t know whether to obey my promise or fight for my love.Marry Megha or Marry Varsha.Live or Die.

Don’t think much about these things, go home take rest and get ready for marriage.

So you are recommending me to marry Megha.


I hardly got time to sleep last two days, my family wants my marriage to be a desi one and I’m the one who should follow all the punishments like Mehandi, haldi also famously known as rituals to get married. Everyone was enjoying sangeet except me because I was fully exhausted and still people expect me to dance. The day before I had a good night’s sleep, no one disturbed my sleep because I shouldn’t look sleepless on my Wedding day. My mom waked me up at six in the morning and said that I have so many things to do before going to the venue. She asked me to have a bath, I took a towel and my cell phone and started moving towards the bathroom. Mom stopped me and asked:”Why do you a need a phone to bath?

Mom, I have an old habit of listening to songs while bathing.

Whatever, make it fast.


I think you better use it only for listening songs.

I placed my phone in the phone holder and the strange violet bubble appeared again but this time I ignored it.

We reached Malibu west beach club around eight in the morning and I thought Megha will join us at the club but after a small inquiry, I got to know she will directly join us at the temple. We started for Calabasas temple around nine with all the guests who were there at that time. I got an assistant from my father who will be there for the whole day and take care of me and the disgusting part of it is that he name was also Pete.

Though It was just a twenty-minute journey, I felt like it’s been hours. All of a sudden I started missing Megha, I knew that I’m going to meet her in a few minutes but still the feeling stuck to me.

As we reached the temple, all the girls who were there started running towards the other side of the temple, I felt strange but mom said that they might have gone to meet the bride.

Since it was my first time, I didn’t know what It’s like to get married. I was really excited and nervous too. The priest asked me to sit on a small wooden stool facing a white screen and a man came with an ewer in his hand. The priest asked me to keep my legs in a plate-like thing and then that man washed my legs with the water in the ewer. I don’t know why people do these things, it feels awkward when a man older than you do this with you. The bride arrived and sat on the other side of the screen.

The priest handed me a betel leaf with some kind of paste in it, at first I thought, it is something to eat but later I got to know that I should place it on bride’s head and she also should do the same.

They removed the screen between us and made us sit next to each other. While the priest was reciting mantras, we were started whispering, she said:”Good morning.

Good morning, why do you have a coconut in your lap?

I don’t know, they asked me to do it and I’m doing.

Well, how was your night?


Why? What happened?

You’re weren’t there.

Shhhhhhh… I’ll be there from tonight.

I know that.

In the end, we made seven circles around the holy fire homa.

Then we went back to Malibu west beach club, we changed our clothes but my mom didn’t allow me to take that betel leaf from my head. Breakfast got served, everyone was enjoying it and I can see the happiness in my parent’s eyes, which made me happy too.

My parents made us sit together on the deck facing the beach for taking photographs and Megha started chattering again. I interrupted her and asked her about the person who washed my feet before marriage.”He was Varsha’s Father,” replied Varsha.

Varsha’s Father?? He came from Canada for our marriage?

Yeah, he was the one who raised, so I respect him for that.

But why did you left Varsha’s home when you are grown up?

Because it had problems.

What kind of problems?

People there caused problems for me.

Who Varsha’s father?

No, it was Varsha.


Yeah, she was vexatious.

She was? Which means she is no more like that, right?

Maybe, but I didn’t felt like that all these years.

I have a question.

Throw it.

If being with Varsha was a pain, then why did you chose Varsha to stay with.

I didn’t have a choice.


I think you know it better than me.

I didn’t get it.

Do you remember your Mumbai episode?

Okay, I got it. Is Varsha’s dad here?

No, he had to leave. He just came for marriage.

I should thank him.

I did on the behalf of both of us and if you’re done with your questions can we dance?

We went into the hall and joined the people who were dancing, in the background Bollywood retro playlist was played and I clearly say that it was my dad’s choice, because I know all the songs he likes. By the evening almost everyone left except my close relatives and friends. It was the time of sunset, I went to the Bride’s Private room, and asked her to come with me. Then we went to the beach which was exactly backside of the club and we sat on the sand there watching the sunset for a few minutes.

As the sunsetted it became dark and after some time, the place was filled with moonlight. We turned back to watch the moon, it was beautiful and today was a full moon day too. Basically, Megha is a person who never stops talking, but she was silent from the time I pulled her from her room. I asked Megha about her reason for being so silent. She replied:”I have nothing to talk.

Are you happy with me? With this marriage?

I can say that I’m the happiest person the world today.

Then why are you so cloudy?

I’m not.

Don’t lie, I can see it.

Why will I lie, Akash?

I don’t know.

Don’t worry.

Do you know what? I got a Personal Assistant for one day and the strangest thing is his name is also Pete and the even stranger thing is his missing from the morning.

Oh, Uncle asked me that I want an Assistant or not, I said no.

My dad didn’t mind to ask me, but anyhow he feels that you important than me and it is good.

Don’t think like that, I think he forgot to ask you.

Whatever, but how did you manage to do all preparations without a helping hand?

I had Varsha who helped me with all these.

Varsha?? Did she came to the temple??

Yeah, she came. I was not supposed to tell this thing to you, but anyhow I revealed it so leave it.

Ah, come on Megha. How can you do this?

I didn’t do anything.

Yeah, exactly. You didn’t do anything. You should have told me before about Varsha.

How can I know, that you what to know this from me?

I was searching for her from past few days.

Why were you doing that? She asked us both not to meet or contact her.

I just wanted to see her.

Just wanted to see?? But why?

Because I can’t see her after marriage.

Why can’t you?

If I try to meet her or see her after marriage, I feel like I’m cheating you.

Awww… So cute.

We had a flight in Afternoon to return back to New York, We packed all our stuff and informed my mom that our luggage was upstairs, we are going somewhere out and we will join them directly at the airport. We went to Mocktail Restaurant nearby and I ordered a Malibu Sunset Mocktail, Megha seemed confused. After a while, the waiter placed a Mocktail on the table which we were sitting. I asked Megha to have it, for which she said:”I stopped drinking alcohol.


I’m married now.

That doesn’t mean you should quit drinking.

Yeah, but what will aunt think if she knows I’m drinking.

Nothing happens, and this is very light too.

Okay, but why are you asking me to have it?

It is a famous cocktail here, I thought I should take a picture of it because I love the sunset gradient of this drink.

I didn’t find a reason in that

I can’t simply waste it for a pic, that is why I’m asking you to have It.

A Week Later:

My dad pulled me into his room and asked me: “How’s everything going?

I responded:”So far so good“.

Great, are you missing something?

Hmmm……. No.

It’s been a week since you got married.

Yeah, time went so fast. I didn’t notice. You’ll never know that time when you’re with Megha.

Son, you are not getting it.


Idiot, do you have a plan Honeymoon?

Oh, I totally forgot about it.

Where wanna go?

I’ll check with Megha and let you know.

You can ask Megha later, first tell me where you wanna to go?

Anyplace is fine for me.

Son, you should have a choice.

For now, I don’t have one so I’ll ask Megha.

Megha was in the kitchen, she was preparing Lunch. I went in and asked her:”What do you think about Honeymoon?

Why are you asking me?” replied Megha.

Is it a question?

I mean, Why are you asking me about a honeymoon?

I know.

I don’t know anything about a honeymoon.

It is basically a vacation taken by Newlyweds to celebrate their Marriage.

I know that.

Then what more you want to know?

Leave it, what made you think about a honeymoon?

Dad asked me about it.


Where should we go for honeymoon?

What place do you have in your mind?

Nothing, anything is fine for me. What about you?

If you ask me where do I want to go for honeymoon.I’ll say, Ooty.

Ooty is a good idea.

I told my dad that we want to go to Ooty for the honeymoon, he was puzzled. “You want to go to back to India for the honeymoon?” asked dad.

I replied:”Yeah!

You were born in India, got married in America and you want to go back to India for the honeymoon.

What is the problem in that?

There is no problem, I wasn’t expecting that.

I was in India before, but I didn’t visit Ooty.

Okay, fine. When are you leaving?

Tomorrow or Day after that.

Good, I’ll book tickets and resort for you both.

When should we come back?

It is up to you, you can stay there as long as you want.

In that case, I should extend my leave.

Why do you want to work for someone when you have your own company?

I want to be independent, but still one day will come when I should take responsibility of our company.

Okay, go pack your things.

It took us a day and a half to reach Ooty, at first we flew to Delhi and then to Coimbatore and from there we took a train till Mettupalayam and from there we took another train to Lovedale, Ooty. We had our room booked in Mountain Retreat Resort. Since we traveled for so long, we didn’t get enough sleep.

We had our lunch very quickly and had a nap. I woke up at 6 P.M and tried to wake Megha up but she was in a deep sleep. Someone has rang our doorbell, I opened the door saw a couple. I asked them: “How can I help you?“.

They said: “We are here to invite you to our wedding?

I said:”Oh, please come in.

They both came in and I asked them to sit on the couch. They said their names were Karthik and Shireen, I asked them: “Do you know me?


Then why are you inviting us for marriage?

We both are orphans, so we don’t have so many people to invite. So, that is why we planned everyone in this resort.“Karthik replied.

I responded: “Good, when is the big day?


At what time?

11 A.M

Good, we will be there.

Megha was really impressed by the wedding and she even said:”We did a mistake. We should have come to Ooty for our Marriage.

“But we can’t undo it right?

Yeah, but we can remarry here.

We can, but I think we shouldn’t.


I can’t do all those things again?

All those things??

Those Rituals.

So you afraid of Rituals.

I’m not afraid, I’m tired.

A few days later, my dad called us and asked us about our return journey.

I replied: “We both were planning to move to Ooty.


Yeah, what you heard is right?

But why?

I don’t know why, but I can say that I’m really connected to this place and Megha loves this place too. I find peacefulness hear, it is helping me to forget some things which are hard to forget.

But what will do there?

We will live,like we did back in New York.

I mean, what will you do to earn there?

I’m don’t have an answer at this moment.

You better have one ASAP.

How is mom doing?

Very well.

Megha is in love with this place, she thinks that we would have married in Ooty rather than malibu.

When you got married I thought Megha will fix your madness, but she became an addition to your madness.


Here I’m telling you a fact and there you’re laughing at the fact.

I’m sorry.

It’s okay. I have a friend there, who can help you with the things there.

Oh, it’s great.

I’ll ask him to meet you.

No, I’ll visit him instead.

Okay, then I’ll have a talk with him and let you know.

I went to visit my dad’s friend, he lives in a Lovely mansion. It had big gardens on either side of the Mansion and the Mansion was also huge. I walked in, no one was there. I called out:”Hello, is someone here?

A man came out with a smoking pipe in his mouth, he was well dressed and had a scar on his right cheek. He removed his smoke pipe with his right hand and asked:”Are you Akash?

I nodded.”Come, son. Make yourself comfortable.” said uncle.

I sat on the couch and then he asked his maid to bring some tea for us. He kept his smoking pipe on the teapoy and asked me again:”So, how is everything going on?

I replied:”Fine, uncle.

Where is your wife?

She is not feeling well, so she is resting in the resort.

Oh, what happened to her?

Nothing big, it’s because of sudden climate change.

Good. I talked with your father yesterday.


So, When are you both moving in?

Moving In??

Yeah, you will be staying with us here?


You can see how huge this mansion is and only me and my wife stay here, we want you both to stay with us.

Sorry, we can’t do that?

Why can’t you?

If we move here it will be disturbing to both of you.

No, it won’t be.

But we can’t do this, I’m sorry if I’m being rude.

I can understand, you both are newlyweds and you need some private space.

No, it is not like that.

So I’ll try to find accommodations nearby and let you know.

Thank you, Uncle. I have to leave now, Megha is alone and I’m worried about her.

While leaving I saw his family photo, there was a girl in it who looks familiar but I was not able to recognize her. I went back to the resort, Megha was waiting for me.She asked me about my visit to Uncle, I told her everything happened there and I told her about the family photo too. She then told me that Pete called and he asked about me. After hearing that I remembered that girl whom I saw in that family photo in Uncle’s house. I told Megha:”I remembered that girl whom I saw in the family pic.

Who was she?

I don’t know, who was she? But she looks like Rhea.


Yeah, I don’t know whether Rhea has sister or not but if has she will look exactly like this girl.

I think Uncle is the father of Rhea.

No. I don’t think so, because he was not for his Pete’s marriage.

It makes sense.

It took us three months to make our house as we wanted. I joined my father’s business and started working from Ooty. Megha got bored with all this house making stuff, so she asked me to take her to a movie. It was the month of August and MARVEL released its new movie Guardians of the galaxy. We went to watch it, it was just awesome. The movie had a good story which is actually based on MARVEL comics and the casting was also good. While we were on our return journey, Megha said:”I’m missing Varsha so much.” and started crying.

I said:”What happened to you suddenly?

We used to watch MARVEL movies together, but this time she is not there.

Do you remember that she left us, we didn’t leave her.

Yeah, I do.

Great, now wipe your tears.


I think we totally forgot about our surprises.

She was happy again, and she said:”So this means you’re missing them, don’t worry. Once we reach home, you’ll get as many surprises you want.

No, thank you. I don’t want.

It’s not about you accepting surprises, it’s about me giving surprises.

Oh my god.

I think we should increase the level of our surprises.


We got married dude, we don’t have any restrictions.

God please save me.

Sorry to disturb your mood, but I want to tell you something.

Bring it up.

Varsha called me a few days back.

So what?

She got married to married to a doctor who works with his father.

I applied break suddenly, and said:”I also got married.

We did you stop the car?

because we reached.

That was the last time I heard something about Varsha. It took me three years to move on with Megha and that is the reason we are having a child four years after Marriage. But Megha never forced me, because she understood me very well. I’m really lucky to get a wife like Megha. That’s it. This is my story.

The old lady asked me:”What do think about Varsha now? Is she good or bad?

I replied:”Varsha is a good person.

But she didn’t respect your love on her right?

That doesn’t make her bad.

Wanna say something more about Varsha?

I told you everything I knew. I don’t know where Varsha is but I want her to be happy forever and ever.

So you accepted Megha as your wife?

Yeah, I did.

You don’t love Varsha anymore right?

Yeah, I’m good with Megha now. I don’t think, I’m Varsha anymore.

Oh wow!

Megha is my rehabilitation from Varsha.”

(Stopped narration)

I was still sitting on the bench and watching the hills in late evening sunlight.

The old lady stood up and I thought she is leaving but she didn’t. The light pole near the bench was switched on because it was getting dark. Suddenly the light pole started to flicker, I don’t know why light poles flicker when I’m near them.It happens every time with me, When Varsha is with me and which means Varsha is around.

I turned towards the light it was still flickering, and I saw the old lady started becoming bright. She was literally lighted up like a light lamp, and she slowly transformed into Varsha. I was startled and puzzled by all these things and I called:”Varsha.

“Yes,” said Varsha.

What is this?

I faked myself as an old lady so that you shouldn’t recognize me.

I’m still puzzled.

I have very less time, so I can’t explain everything. I justed wanted to say Thank you.

She gave me a firm handshake and she faded away. I didn’t even felt her hand. The flickering of the light was totally stopped. I ran to Megha and said that I met Varsha. She said:”Don’t lie.

I replied: “I’m not lying.

Yes, you are. How can you meet a person when they are dead?

Is Varsha dead??

Shit, I shouldn’t have said it.

Varsha is dead and you didn’t tell me to know.

Sorry, but It was very difficult for me to tell you when she died.

How can you hide this thing from me?

I didn’t have any choice.


That was the time when you started moving on with me.

So, what?

I was a bit selfish at that time because I was afraid that if you would have known this, you will become the old Akash again.

When did this happen?

A year ago.


In an accident.


I don’t know.

How can you don’t know?

I don’t know because I wasn’t informed about those things.

Who informed you?

Why are you Interrogating me?

Please tell me.

Her husband sent me a message about this.

Only a message??



Since Varsha is dead, I can you tell you one thing?

What is it?

The truth which Varsha asked me to not to tell you.

How many more secrets you are hiding from me?

Only this.

How can she be so irresponsible, she was hiding things from me. Is it a quality of being a good wife?? If the baby wasn’t there, I would have left her. All these things were running in my mind on one side and the curiosity of knowing the secret was killing me another side. So I asked Megha: “What is that secret?

Whatever Varsha said on that night when you asked her to marry are lies.


So I don’t have any Anxiety disorder.


Was she loving me?

Megha nodded.I asked: “Then why did she did it?

Because she was suffering from a disease.

Oh my god, it sounds like a sad twist in a love movie.


Was she suffering from cancer?

No, she was suffering from the dissociative identity disorder.

What is that?

In simple words multiple personality disorder.

From when ??

After your breakup.

She got it because of me?

No, it was breakup which caused it.

I ditched her, so that means indirectly I was responsible for her disease.

No, Akash. Don’t become a patsy.

But she never seemed like she was suffering.

At first effect was very less, after that night it drastically increased.

Is this the reason for her to not come out of her room.

Yes, you’re right.

I wish I can go back time to change everything.

According to me, you can’t change the past. Whatever should happen will happen. It is inevitable.

Stop it.Megha.

Akash, it is time to let it go.

I need some time.

A few days Later, I got a call form, Rhea. At first, I was a bit confused because Rhea spoke with me rarely and I don’t think our relationship is strong enough to make a phone call and talk. Later I thought that Pete might have been called with her phone. So I picked it up and said: “Hello.

Hi, Akash. This is Rhea,” said Rhea.

Hey, Hi. How are you? How is Pete?

Not fine Akash,” said Rhea and she started crying.

I knew that Pete is had done something. I asked her:”What happened Rhea? Why are you crying?

Pete died.

Are you serious? When did this happen?

Before that, I want to tell you something.

What is it?

I want to tell you a secret which I was hiding from you?

What the……? Now the whole world is hiding things from me?

No, Akash. I didn’t have any choice.

Why? What was stopping you?

I promised Pete.

Shit, now that bastard also started to keep secrets.

No, Akash. Please try to understand the situation.


I want you to help me, but I felt guilty that I was keeping this secret, that want to tell it to you now.

Kill it.

Actually Varsha loves you, but she pretended she didn’t because she had…

I interrupted Rhea and said: “Because she had Multiple Personality Disorder.

Yes, but how do you know?

Megha told me.

Seriously when?

A few days back.

What else she said?

That’s it.

Oh, good.

Good?? Seriously? She was my wife, I trusted that she will not hide things from me. But she did.

No, Akash. What she did is right?

Why are you supporting her?

I’m not supporting, I’m just saying the truth.

Whatever? Is your secret thing done or do you have anything more to say?

Yeah, Instead of blaming Megha, you should thank her.


She did a sacrifice, which no one will do.

Sacrifice?? Can be you be more clear?

One day Varsha saw you in a park in New York and she thought that you came here searching for her and she was afraid that you’ll find her one day. That is why she asked Megha to join in the same company where you work to make you fall in love with Megha and Marry her.


Yeah, and Varsha did this because she was afraid that if you know about her disease, you feel guilty about it and destroy your life.

Why everyone treats me like this?

Because everyone loves you, no one can even think about hurting you.

What is Megha’s great sacrifice in this?

She married you for Varsha.

She loves me, Rhea. That’s why she married me.

No, Akash. At first, she agreed to marry you for the sake of Varsha and then she fell in love with you.

What the heck is happening?

You need some time to digest all these things.

But how does Pete know all these things?

“When you both went to santa monica, he met Varsha.Then she told him everything and asked him to take you back to Malibu.

WTF, but how did Pete die?

Pete and Varsha ……” said Rhea and call got disconnected.

I tried calling her back, but the call wasn’t connecting.

To be Continued….

Thank You

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