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Woe – Anterior

By @therealsalmanshaik


It was the first day of our college, and there were no sessions for us. Our principal asked all the freshers to explore the Campus. Since I’m a sports person I went to the playground to see the things there. While I was crossing the Cricket ground a ball came and hit on my head. I got so much anger, that decided to kill the person who did this until I saw here. She was the tallest person among all of them in the cricket ground, my anger flew away. She dropped her bat, and ran towards me and said: “Sorry“. I replied: “Your voice is sweet, and it made me worried.

“Thank you, but what made you worried?

I’m worried that I’ll get diabetes if I listen to your voice more“.

I tried to crack a joke but later I realized that I became the joke.

Don’t worry, I’ll not speak with you.

I didn’t mean that.

Can I get my ball?

I gave her the ball, and she ran back to the pitch.

There wasn’t a day on which I didn’t think about her. Finally, I decided to open up and confess my love to her. I ran to the place where she usually sits during lunch, she was sitting on a bench and wondering. I sat next to her on the bench and tried to start a conversation by saying: “Hi, Varsha.

Hello,” Varsha responded.

Can we talk for a few minutes?

Yeah, sure. Can we go to the canteen? I’m hungry.


Is anything important?” asked Varsha.

Something like that.

Glad that you came, I also wanted to talk something important too,” said Varsha.

While we were walking towards the canteen, the light poles on both sides of the path switched on and started flickering. The flickering of light gave me a strange feeling that Varsha is some kind of a ghost.

We reached the canteen, our conversation started with a cup of coffee.

A few minutes later, “What was the important thing you wanted to talk?” asked Varsha.

I answered: “Nothing.

You said you have something important to talk to me.

Oh! Yeah, I forgot. I’m sorry.

Okay, go ahead.


My pulse started to rise, I started breathing heavily.

You look so nervous,” said Varsha.

I think I’m crazy about you.


(Me after a halt) “That’s it.

Yeah, that is it

It took me some to become normal and then I said: “Okay, leave it.

I felt like she wasn’t respecting my feelings.

While sipping the cappuccino, she asked: “Are you free Tomorrow?

Yes, I’m.

I want you to help me.


I want to bunk college at least once in my life.

So, how can I help you in that?

I want to watch a flick,” said Varsha.

I responded: “You want me to get tickets.

No, I booked ’em.


She thinks that movie is more important than my feelings, which seemed fair to me because I don’t want to be negative about her.


You’re fast. What do you want me to do then?

“I want you to join me if you’re free.

I was shocked and I was happy at the same moment. I replied: “Yeah! Why not?

Okay. We will meet tomorrow at the college bus stop.


Okay, bye.

The Next Day:

I woke up at eight in the morning, I saw a missed call on my mobile. For a moment I was happy until I remembered that she didn’t have my number.

I reached college by ten in the morning and waited for her to come. Ten minutes later, she came out from college running, holding the bag with one hand and holding coffee in another hand. She was wearing a black churidar and her skin tone was dominating her dress. She was so cute and her amber eyes looked more beautiful because of kajal.

I said:”You look so beautiful today.

She smiled and said: “Movie is at 12.

OMG. It’s two hours from now.

Yeah, do you have a problem?

No (I hope this could be a perfect date).

So how can we kill the time?

I have an idea, but…(good that she asked me)

What is it?

I can tell you, but…

It’s ok, you can speak out.

We can go to a Restaurant.

Yes, we can. But which Restaurant?

Your wish.

Hmm, I’m not familiar with restaurants here.

Okay, Let me help you with this. What’s your favorite cuisine?

I love Italian.

Cool let’s go.

I was still thinking about how to ask her to come on my bike.

Can we go by bike?” said Varsha.

My heart fluttered with happiness and I loudly said: “Yeah.”

We went to a nearby Italian Restaurant. We were the first customers of the restaurant as it seemed more like what I wanted to be. She ordered spaghetti, I was not so into Italian, so ordered a Plain cheese Pizza. I knew that food will take so time, so in the meanwhile, I tried to start a conversation. I said: “You play Cricket well.

Oh, thanks. But I’m not as good as you are thinking.

You’re a good player, that six was awesome.

That was just a fluke shot.

Oh, I see.

Do you play any games?

Yeah, I’m a handball player.

Handball?? I never heard that.

It is one of the most violent games in the world.

Oh, is it?

I love your eyes.

Come on, why are switching topics so fast.

I don’t know, I saw your eyes and they made me tell this.

Finally, the food arrived, Varsha seemed to be happy by looking at the food.

So I asked her if she had breakfast?

No,” replied Varsha.

What are you waiting for? Let’s Start.


She was literally starving from the morning, she was eating quick.

I asked: “Can I ask you something?

She: “Yeah! (With a mouth full of spaghetti)

How can you invite a stranger to a movie?

What do you mean?

We spoke yesterday and you don’t even know who I am, except my name and you’re coming to watch a movie with me.

Hold on… by the way, you’re coming to the Movie with me and I know everything about you.


and I do carry weapons for my safety.


Yes, a couple of them.

And they are?

Pepper Spray and a Licensed Revolver.

OMG! You’re Insane.

Yeah! Don’t worry, I’ll not kill you?

Ok, but….

She interrupted: “Stop speaking and start eating.

I was speaking with myself:

She said she knows everything about me, which tells she researched about me. It means maybe she is interested in me. And she said she will not kill me and of course, how can she come to a movie without having trust in me. Maybe she is in love with me or may not be….

We finished our food, she looked satisfied and happy. A few seconds later, the cheque arrived. I took the cheque, and I was about to pay she said she will pay, I said: “I’ll pay.”A small fight started in between us,

I said: “Let’s go Dutch.” and she agreed.

We reached Multiplex, we still had 40 minutes for the film to start. After reaching, I realized I haven’t asked her to which movie are we going to on the day of booking. Finally, I go to know it was MARVEL’S IRON MAN. I got surprised after seeing Robert Downey Jr. in the posters of IRON MAN. I read comics of MARVEL, but I never thought they will make films out of them.

We were discussing the movie, A girl came and closed Varsha’s eyes.

Hey! Megha,” said Varsha.

That girl removed her hands after that they both hugged each other and Varsha introduced her friend to me. She was Megha, Varsha’s childhood friend. They both spoke about college bunk and blah blah blah. Megha asked Varsha whether I’m her Boyfriend.

You are close,” replied Varsha and it did leave a smile on my face.

The movie started, Robert appeared on the screen and everyone started whistling and Varsha also joined them too. During the break, I went out with her to get something to eat. We went to a stall and asked for two cokes, To my surprise, she said: “No, One is good enough.

I asked her, “What? Why? You don’t need a coke or what?

No, one will be enough for us…


She grabbed a drink from the stall with two straws and she started walking towards the screen, I paid the amount and followed her with so many questions and confusions running in mind.

I asked: “What was that? Do you even know what are you doing?

We have a straw for each of us,” answered Varsha.

I understood, what she was trying to convey. People are getting influenced a lot by movies these days.

I bought a large bucket of popcorn and we went back to our seats. We watched the film, had popcorn and coke, everything was fine and was going well.

I asked Varsha: “What’s next?

We will have lunch,” replied Varsha.

Okay, now what?


I mean, which cuisine?

(After thinking for a while) Pure South Indian.

Veg or Non-veg.

Anything is fine for me.

Let’s go.

We went to South Indian Restaurant, we ordered Hyderabadi Biryani. After a few minutes, the food arrived, it was looking hued. She had a spoonful of Biryani.

After a few seconds, her cheeks and eyes turned red and her eyes were filled with tears. I asked: “What happened?

It’s Tangy.

How much?

A Lot.

OK, leave it. We will order something else.”

No, I want to eat it.

Okay, fine. Have it?

She took an hour to finish it off, and the end of her war with Biryani she was red and eyes filled with tears. She asked me to take her to the Gateway of India.

I didn’t have a choice but fulfill her requests, so that she will have a good impression on me and things seemed to work out fine too. We went to Marine drive and beach after visiting the Gateway of India. She was playing like a kid on the beach with the waves and we ran on the beach and were trying to catch each other. She was about to slip and I grabbed her hand pulled her towards me and our faces were just a few centimeters far, we were staring into each other’s eyes.

It was the perfect moment for me to kiss her, slowly our faces started moving closer, she closed her eyes. I heard her breathing, it was fast and that was the only sound I did hear.

Suddenly, everything was silent, even the sound of waves and traffic was not audible for men and we kissed.

We were kissing for a minute and then she pushed me a bit, I started looking around to make sure nobody had seen us. Since, it was afternoon no one was there, a minute later she turned towards me and hugged me and said I too love you. I felt like my heart had stopped for a moment, I took her face in my hands and both of us started staring each other. Her face was lightened up with the sunlight, and her eyes were also glowing. I kissed her again.

We started back from there. I asked her about the place when she wants to be dropped…

College,” said Varsha.

I said: “I’ll drop you at home.

No, you can’t.

Why can’t I?

It’s very far from here

Far in the sense.

You can bike can’t take me.

Okay, fine.

A few minutes later, we reached our college. She walked to the front of my bike

and said: “Bye, Love you.

I asked: “You said your house is so far.

Yeah,” replied Varsha.

I mean, how will you go there? Do you need to catch a bus or train??

I’m staying in the hostel in our college.

Oh, I didn’t know that.

Can I leave now?

Wait. Where are you from?

New Delhi.


Yeah, why? What happened now??”

Delhi has the best colleges in India and you came to Mumbai for your graduation?

Yeah, I’m so fed up with Delhi. I love beaches and coastal cities, so I came here.

Oh, great.

And if I stayed in Delhi, we wouldn’t have met?

Yeah, glad you came.

Okay, bye. I have to go.


Love you, bye.

On my way back home, I saw an accident. A girl was injured badly, she lost a lot of blood, I went to the spot of the accident to help her. I was shocked to see Megha, I took her to the hospital, which was a few yards away. They took her to operation theater, I was hoping for the doctor to come and say everything is fine.

Half an hour later doctor came and said she wants O- blood for the patient, mine didn’t match but I started searching for O- blood group in each and every blood bank and everywhere the result was negative.

I called up one of my lady classmates and asked her to pass the phone to Varsha, I explained Varsha about the difficulties I was facing about the O- blood.

She said her blood group matches with Megha, I asked her to donate if she can.

I went to the College Campus, picked her up and we went to the hospital. Varsha was so worried about Megha, she started crying when she saw Megha.

After donating her blood Varsha, which gave me a slight relief.

Varsha was hungry, so we Visited the cafe which was right in front of the hospital. She asked me to leave because the hospital will allow only one person to stay with the patient. I went home and the mother asked me where was I wandering, I told mom about the accident, and she started giving parental lectures about road safety. A few minutes later, I got a message from an unknown number.

I opened the message, There was “HI” with smileys.

I replied: “Who is this?

Your Wife.

You have got a wrong number mam.

I’m the girl whom you kissed twice today?

Hey, Varsha.

Hi, Akash.

So you are keeping a count of it.

I should keep a count.

You should (I didn’t even know what was she speaking about.)“.

What are you doing?

Nothing dear.

This is my mobile number. I hope you’ll save it.

Yeah, I’ll.

I love you.

Love you too darling.



Okay! Darling.

I continued chatting, I asked Varsha to inform Megha’s Parents. Her answer was, Megha was an orphan, and she used to live with Varsha in her childhood and when she became young, she moved away from her for some strange reason. I was feeling so much sleepy that day, I composed a good night message and sent it to Varsha.

Next day morning when I woke up, there were Fifty missed calls from Varsha, I called her back to know the urgency of calling me.

I asked her:”Is Megha fine? Anything wrong? I had fifty missed calls from you.

Actually. I called you and I left my phone aside since I didn’t abort the call it was redialing you again and again. Half an hour later, or so I saw my phone and aborted the call,” said Varsha.

I said: “Ok! Leave it. How is Megha?

Megha was healthy again, she got discharged. Since Varsha had some urgent work, she asked me to pick Megha up. I took her home in my car, she thanked me for everything and I helped her clean up stuff in her home.

We went to a restaurant for dinner and Varsha showed up.

I trusted you, I loved you. But how can you do this to me?” said Varsha.

I asked: “What did I do?

I trusted you when you said you loved me, but now you are doing all these things behind me.

What am I doing Varsha?

All these things?

Make it clear Varsha

You came to dinner with Megha.

Yeah, I came. So what?

Which means you’re are having an illegal relationship with Megha.

What the …? Are you out of your mind?

I think you’re.

Megha why ain’t you speaking anything?

(Megha was still silent).

Why will she speak? she is guilty.

Stop it Varsha.

Why should I?

Ok, How can you even think I’ll love Megha?

What do you mean? Now you’re saying she not beautiful??

I didn’t expected this from you.” said Megha.

(Megha started Weeping)

I said: “I didn’t mean that.

How dare you to say Megha ain’t beautiful?

I said, I didn’t mean that.

said Varsha: “Who cares what you mean?” She was rude.

(Megha still weeping)

I’m sorry Megha, it wasn’t my intention.

Wow! You are apologizing.

Shut Up Varsha.

What………(I Interrupted Varsha)

Just shut up. Megha just got discharged, so wasn’t able to cook and we came out for dinner. That’s it. if still, you want to think the same then go to hell.

They both started laughing, Varsha said it was a prank and Megha informed her about the dinner. At first, I was full of anger, but I thought it wasn’t the right to be angry and I cooled down. We had a good dinner there. Post dinner Megha went to her house on an auto and I dropped Varsha on my bike. Before leaving Varsha gave me a goodnight kiss and she left.

It was the eve of Varsha’s birthday, I was busy with preparations for her birthday, and we didn’t have a call or a meet that day.

Next day morning I wished her and informed her that I’ll be unavailable for the rest of the day. She just said “Okay!”

In the evening, I called Varsha and asked her to come to the beach. After she arrived, I asked her to close her eyes for ten seconds, she closed her eyes and started counting, I ran and hid behind the stone. When she opened her eyes, everything was dark.

In the sky towards the sea, firecrackers started exploding. Since everything was dark, they looked brighter. The last cracker exploded and left “Happy Birthday Varsha” in the sky. While all these things were happening in the sky, I came out.

She just had to see me burst out with happiness, and it did happen. When she saw me, she ran and jumped on me and hugged me, like small kids do. I wasn’t expecting that thing, So I said:”How do you even think to do this thing with me?”

Releasing me from her hug, she said:”I’m very delighted by this surprise, thank you Akash.

It’s okay, but my question is still unaddressed.

Okay, it was just out of happiness.

But, you should think about me before doing these things.

Did I hurt you?

No, but there was a high chance of getting hurt.


Because you’re fat, and I didn’t have experience of this kind of hugs.

Am I fat??

No, I was just kidding.

I knelt down, took the ring from my pocket and asked Varsha to marry me. As expected she accepted, I took out the ring from its box and wore it to Varsha.

We went to a resort to celebrate her birthday for the rest of the day, I invited our college mates. My parents joined the party after a few minutes, it was the real surprise for her. She took blessings from my parents. Since everyone was waiting for cake, I asked her to cut the cake first.

We spent some time near the swimming pool because other places were crowded with people. In the end, we had dinner and returned back.

I dropped her near our college. It was silent there, I couldn’t even feel the breeze. Before leaving she gave me a firm hug and thanked me for making her day special. When she was about to leave, her phone rang. She received the call and was talking with someone.

Suddenly from somewhere a guy came out with a bike and grabbed her phone and was flying away. I ran behind his bike and caught him. He tried to run again, but I was stilling holding his shirt, he was a 16 yr old kid. I asked why is he doing all these things? He said this is the only thing which he knows to earn money and feed his sister.

I asked him about his parents, he said they died in an accident, his uncles took his father wealth and kicked him and his sister out of his own house. After listening to him I asked him to come to the same place tomorrow with his sister and I’ll help them, He nodded his head but I had a strong feeling that he’ll not come. Varsha suggested me call the police, I said: “He is an immature kid, he has been forced to do this. That is not his profession.

The next day, as I asked he showed up with his sister, she was an eight-year-old kid, she didn’t even know what was happening. Being a kid something is a good thing because they don’t care about the world and they imagine the world as they like it.

We went my home, I explained my parents the parents the problems which those kids were facing and I asked my father to set up a new orphanage for kids like them who fell into wrong hands without awareness. My father did more than I expected, he bought a five-starred hotel and made it an orphanage with world-class facilities.

Varsha was shocked after hearing all these things, She was speechless. Varsha said I was so lucky to have parents like them.

I asked Varsha about her parents, she told her mother died when she was ten years old and her father is a doctor in the US. She hates her father, so she came to India to stay with her grandparents.

I asked: “What type of Doctor is your father?

He is a neurosurgeon.

Why is he working for the US? India only has a few neurosurgeons.

I don’t know, he left when I was a child.

Everything was going fine for a couple of years, suddenly one day Varsha called me and said she wants to watch MARVEL’S IRON MAN 2, I picked her up from college bus stop, we went to the movie. Watched it and when we were returning, I asked Varsha to stay at the Exit gate and I’ll bring the bike from parking.

When I reached the exit gate, I saw some local fellows commenting on her.

I parked my bike aside and went to them and said it is not good to do, but they weren’t listening to me. For them, I looked like a comedian, so I had to become a Hero and kill their fun. Which I did, but in a more violent way. We returned back after that fight.

She was angry at me, I can sense that. She said I shouldn’t have invoked the fight and we should ignore those things.

I stopped the bike after listening to all those things. We went to the beach nearby, and I said that I’m intolerant and I’ll let anyone go if they tease her.

What if they are local gundas, they will try to attack

you again,” said Varsha.

What do you want me to do?

If we ignored and left from there, nothing would have happened.

So you’re saying that I should have ignored them.


Today they were commenting you, what if they try to molest you or try to rape you. Even then you want me ignored me.

(Varsha Slapped me)

Are you out of your mind?” said Varsha with anger.

Here I’m caring about you and fucked the guys who were teasing you. Instead of thanking me, you are slapping me.

Mind your language.

Look Varsha, I’m angry now. You better leave now.

Yeah! I better leave.

Tears started rolling down her face, I can see it clearly in the sunlight. It sounds weird, but she was beautiful while crying. I was in a dilemma, I didn’t even know whether convince myself or convince her.

We didn’t talk with each for few days, if we accidentally get to see each other on the campus, we’ll stare for few seconds and move away.

After a few more days, I got a call from her. At first, I ignored it. When I got the call again, I answered it.



Why did you call?

Akash, please don’t do this to me.

(she started crying)

Can you please stop using that question?

It’s enough. Let’s stop this, please.

I didn’t start.

I know it is my fault.

So, what do you want to say now?

Forgive me, I can’t live without you.

How can you even think I can?

Sorry, my bad.

Don’t take it on you, we both did it.

I was the one who was foolish.

Now, stop crying.


Listen clearly. Everything I did that day was just for you.

Yeah, I know it.

I was too rude. That’s because I was angry.

I’ll make you angry again. I love you.

Love you too.

I want to see you now.


Yes, come fast.

It’s 11:40 yaar and I have a seminar tomorrow.



The next day my seminar went good, in the break, I went to the canteen with Varsha, we sat there and ordered food.

Meanwhile, she started fondling my hand. I said: “Are you aware that we are in our College?” and released my hands.

Why?” asked Varsha.

What if someone sees?

Let them see.

What if our Faculty sees?

I have never seen a faculty coming to our canteen.

That Doesn’t mean, they will not.


She got disappointed, our food arrived. While eating she didn’t even utter a word. After the college, I was waiting for her outside of her classroom for her.

Their session ended, everyone started coming out. She saw me but walked away like she didn’t saw me.

I followed for a while, I caught her hand. She stopped and said: “Akash we are in college, leave my hand. What if someone from faculty sees us.

I went to the Handball sports meet for a few days, so we didn’t have a chance to talk to each other.

When I was back from sports meet, I got a message from Varsha. Which says she was just pulling my leg that day, she was not angry at me. I didn’t reply.Something made me hate the thought of talking with her again. She tried to talk to me but I ignored her.

Two years passed but the situation was the same, and she gave up talking with me.I only had a chance to talk with her, that was on the farewell day.Everyone one should get a date for Farewell for Dancing if u didn’t find one you’re out of the competition. Since everyone is college knows we both are in love, no one asked us for a date.

On the farewell day, everyone got a pair. I was all alone waiting for a girl to pair with me, but none of the girls showed up. I was still waiting, Varsha came in a white frock with bright yellow flowers on it. She looked like an angel that day.

After a while, Ritesh sir saw me alone and asked me about my partner. I said I didn’t have one. He was sorry about my situation and said I’ll not participate in the competition.I saw Ritesh sir with Varsha, they were talking about something. I made a quick guess that he will try to pair me with her. As I guessed, he asked me to pair up.

It took us some time to be in the position. Once we were ready, We were staring into each other eyes and were dancing according to the rhythm.

Something Magical happened that day, the only thing which was audible for us was music, I was lost in her eyes.

Her eyes filled up with tears, but we didn’t stop staring. That day I understood what she had been through all these years. The music stopped and we stopped dancing. She ran from there, I followed her. She was sitting on a bench outside auditorium and crying.

I walked slowly and sat beside her, she was crying. I was sweating a lot, it was a hot summer day, but still, I was waiting for her to speak.

Akash, Can you take me to the beach now?

I was confused, she was looking at me for my answer.

I nodded.

We were sitting on the sand, and it was hot because of the sun. I was exposed to heat from the bottom and top. Since it was hot, I removed my blazer.

She didn’t say a word, No one was there on the beach. The sound of waves was the only thing which was there.

Sorry,” said Varsha.

I asked: “For what?

For what I did.

She continued,” I’m sorry Akash. I tried to talk to you, but you were ignoring me.I felt that I was disturbing you. That’s why I didn’t try to talk with you again.I don’t know how it was for you, I was in hell and I’m still in hell.

She asked me that I forgave her or not.

I didn’t utter a word.

She continued,” seems like you didn’t forgave me, I did a mistake. I accept it and I’m apologizing.” and she was still crying.

I didn’t have any words to say. She wiped her face with the kerchief and she started saying: ” Before This incident, I felt that I can’t stay without seeing you or talking to you, but you proved me wrong. I can’t take this anymore. How can I stay here if you’re ignoring me, I don’t want to stay in the pain. I’m leaving Akash. I’m leaving tonight. If my presence makes you unhappy, I don’t want to do it.”

After that day, I badly wanted to meet her. But I was late, she left. There was nothing that I can do, I tried to contact her grandparents. But I didn’t get any clue to reach her.

She is not there, she will not come. Whatever happened, it happened because of me. Who am I to blame her, I don’t deserve her.

I searched her for a year and a half, I didn’t even get a single a clue about her. My parents forced me to take a job and try to forget her. I applied for jobs and finally, after six months, I got selected for a company. I was supposed to fly to New York.

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