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Winter Magesty

By @ZandyrVasquez

Winter Magesty

November 5th, 2021

Dear Tropical Punch,

Last we spoke, I had explained fall. This time, winter, as requested.

Winter is the time for romance. Snow and ice cover every unswept surface. Holding hands with the person beside you is much more comfortable, due to the cold temperatures the frozen air brings. Watching each other’s breaths get swept up into the atmosphere is the same comfort hot chocolate from the nearest cafe-or even home-brings. Bundling up to protect yourself from the weather feels like a hug from your favorite person.

Christmas, my birthday, and Valentine’s Day come one after the other. Christmas is spent with loved ones (as you know) wrapped inside with heat, or outside building snowmen and making snow angels. My birthday is spent much like Christmas. Valentine’s Day usually comes around as the snow melts, but the atmosphere is still unchanged.

My favorite memory is hearing the snow crunch beneath mine and my fiancee’s feet as we walk. We get home, cuddle up with some blankets and hot chocolate or eggnog. The Nightmare Before Christmas plays softly from the TV. We watch as the sky turns from a deep blue, to a sparking onyx, the snow shimmering from the moonlight.

I hope this inspires you travel during the snowy season!

Expecting to hear from you soon

Take care,


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