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Will I Ever See HIM Again

By @robinson1979

Will I Ever See HIM Again

Will I Ever See HIM Again

The HIM pushing his grocery cart in the freezer section of the desert isle. As he raised his head his eyes caught a glimpse of a stunning HER with beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, freckles, thin and short as can be. The HIM looked away because the HIM didn’t want to stare too long making her think that the HIM actually thought she was cute or something. The HIM felt embarrassed and shy. The HER was also browsing the desert section for some cheesecake. What do you know it!  He loves cheesecake too! The HIM was going to get some ice cream that night, however, the HIM decided to go for the cheesecake just to be next to the HER. With his strong muscles, lean body full of strength, tall as can be, he pushed the cart towards the cheesecake next to the HER. The HER looks up at the HIM and smiles realizing he is looking for cheesecake too. The SHE moves the cart aside so the HIM can have some room to look. They both stand side by side and browsed for cheesecake trying to decide on the flavor. They were thinking more about each other rather than the flavor at this point. The HIM was smelling the scent of the HER recently washed hair and the fruity essence it gave. She was gravitating towards his good looks. The HIM also happened to have blue eyes and a wonderful smile as well. The HIM first words to her were, “Tough to decide on a flavor of cheesecake huh!” The SHE laughed and agreed. They looked at the flavors together, original, chocolate, key lime, and cherry. The She had chosen her flavor so the HIM opened the freezer door and picked the cherry flavor for the her. The HIM chose the key lime and off they went to the register. They stood in the same line together waiting to be rung up. The HIM asked, “Are you eating that tonight?” “Yes” the She replied. “Ok, lets eat our cheesecakes together!” “Whoa there tonto!” she says. “Not so fast” “what do you mean, it’s just cheesecake?” the HIM says. “Well I don’t know you” Well I have to have someone to eat my cheesecake with tonight!

“Ok. I understand. I see your point. I need someone to eat my cheesecake with too.”

“Lets go sit over by Starbucks in the chairs in the grocery store and eat the cheesecake, I am not going anywhere with you to do this.”

“Well ok then Miss.”

They check out and take their cheesecakes over to the chairs. Open the package with a fork and take their first bite. They Don’t really know what to say to each other since they don’t know each other. They sit there and just stare and eat their first bite. The SHE puts her fork down and asks, why did you want to sit with me and eat this anyway? 

I wanted to eat with you because I saw you in the isle and you were so beautiful that you made me shy to look at you. I don’t normally get that shy. I figured I probably would never see you again. I might as well ask to eat this cheesecake with you tonight. Thank goodness I got lucky that you said yes. 

She: Wow. Interesting. I can’t believe that you would do something like that. That is pretty bold. No one ever does anything like that. I have to say it is kind of romantic. You are also a very handsome man. You kind of swept me away. I may not have shown it at first just because I was a little shocked. I may have joked around or been a little stand offish. To be honest with you, I am glad you asked me.

HIM: How do you like your cheesecake?

She: I do like my cheesecake.

HIM: Did you want to taste my Key Lime?

She: Yes, thank you. Do you want to taste my cherry?

HIM: Yes, thank you. Wow that is really good!

She: Yes. Yours is good too.

They both have a few more bites with moments of silence. Just enjoying each other. The She finishing the slice and the HIM finishes the slice. They both pack up their cheesecake and get their things ready to head out the door. The HIM wants to be able to see the She again and so does they do. They are both shy and don’t want to impose. The HIM wants to ask her for her number but he is too shy. They get caught up in conversation. The She is thanking the him that he asked her to eat. They walk out the door towards her car. The Him sees that the she ride a scooter the kind without electricity. The She suddenly says thank you so much for eating with me tonight and takes off before the HIM gets a chance to ask for the phone number. The HIM almost ran after but the HIM didn’t want to drop his cheesecake. 

HIM: How am I going to see her again! Does she shop here on a regular basis! I have never seen her here before! Should I run after her anyway and chance my cheesecake getting dropped in the middle of the parking lot. I just don’t know. 

The HIM is too late by the time all these thoughts run through the HIMs mind. The She hops on the scooter and takes off and waves goodbye to the him. 

She: Wow he was really cute. I have never had a man in the grocery store pick me up like that before. What an amazing guy. I can’t believe we actually ate our cheesecake by the Starbucks. Now I have to go to the gym to work it off. Way too many calories! But seriously, OMG! What a cutie. Will I ever see him again? Does he normally shop here? I didn’t even see what kind of car he drives. Maybe his car got stolen and he rides a scooter like me!

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