Why the British Government Sucks

By @kieyacr

Why the British Government Sucks

By @kieyacr

In this short article, I discuss all controversial topics about modern-day Britain and it's unnoticed issues. I hope you enjoy. DISCLAIMER: Some of these subjects may be triggering to some audiences, but is all based on facts and common opinions. None of these topics are meant to offend anybody, it is just factually based opinions which I have decided to share :)

Chapter 1

I am beginning to lose all faith in British humanity.

Everyday, the British Government are doing more and more things to make its citizens miserable. For example, we have no current knowledge on the whereabouts of the former terrorist, Shamima Begum, who participated in many significant terrorist attacks. For all we know, a dangerous person could be freely roaming the United Kingdom and none of us would know.

Although this is a severely controversial topic, and doesn’t mean I have any problem with people of different religions and cultures, Religion in Britain has come too far. I completely agree that people should have the freedom to practice whatever faith they wish, however they should not be pushing it on people of the original British religions (such as Christianity and catholicism, etc.). It can be seen as intruding and taking advantage, as forcing a religion that is foreign to most British citizens on people is wrong. It isn’t the UK’s responsibility to take care of additional religions and beliefs, as it is enough struggle to maintain English churches let alone muslim mosques.

Additionally, Britains worst **********, Vanessa George, has recently been released after being sentenced to only 10 years in prison for sexually abusing many children in a nursery. She was seen with a smirk on her face whilst ‘enjoying her freedom’ says The Sun newspaper. This is something that should be grabbing peoples attention, and by people, I mean the government. Britain is too busy focusing on minor issues rather than looking at huge problems that have been continuing for decades.

This country needs to change quickly, otherwise, there will be no moral ground left.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate all support <£

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