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Why Love, Why?

By @tesshaiku

Why does love exist? I don’t get it one bit. One minute you’re just looking at someone, and the next minute, you’re completely in love with everything about them. Or one day, you’re best friends, the next day he likes you, and you like him too. Or one day you like one boy, and the next day you love another. But love is always right, and you know it. So do I. Love makes you do crazy thing like set your friends up, stalk a guy or make you fall in love with your best friend. And have them like you back and make your life a totally awkward love story. On multiple occasions.

There’s good relationships, which are pretty common. We’ve all had one, or will have one, or are in one. Then there are toxic relationships, they’re toxic and change you to be someone you’re not. Most of us will have one or will almost have one if you haven’t already. But there will be that one relationship that last forever and you both know it. But how? How do you know they’re “The One” (Please someone tell me in the comments. I’m 13 and young and naive. Please let me know.) To be honest, I don’t even know yet. You probably just know you’re perfect together forever.

But love does make you do crazy things like buy a ring for that special someone. Or it makes you think about the person 24/7 all day, all night, and that’s not a bad thing. You love it too. And you write a story of your love life, or make one based off of it. Or at least you think you might. You daydream about that one person all the time. You don’t mind.

Love is the best bad thing ever. It’s uncontrollable, uncomfortable at times, awkward, amazing, best feeling ever, worst feeling ever, lovely, meant to be, wonderful, unstoppable and immortal. Love is meeting the person of your dreams, immediately falling in love with them, thinking about them, daydreaming about them, building up the confidence to talk to them, talking to them, getting to know them, hanging out with them alone, realize they like you too (hopefully), kiss and do all that romantic stuff for a while. Then you break up and cry for three months or whatever. And you do that multiple times, again and again. Until you find “The One.” You’ll probably just feel it in your heart and soul. You’ll know by the way they make you feel. You’ll just know it. You love them, and they love you. And every song reminds you of them. And you love it. Love’s crazy but it’s completely worth it.

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