Why do you lie to me?

By @Crystal_Fox
Why do you lie to me?

Rafael Reims. His family has been in the mafia for as long as it has been around. He has finally got his first job, and boy was it a hard one. He had to infiltrate the personal life of Cole Anosov. Anosov was a descendant of the long lost dynasty of Russia. He was to get the password to his personal vault and rob it. This was a tough job but Rafael could do it. Cole Anosov. He was the descendant of the Russian dynasty. He also owned a successful tech company. He was gay and handsome Perfect

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I sighed and made my way into the boss’s office. I looked over myself and knocked on the door.

“Come in” a deep course voice rumbled out from behind the door.

I sighed and walked in. The room was luxuriously decorated with expensive furniture, rugs and paintings. Mr. Chang sat at a dark mahogany wood table, which was carved perfectly. Mr. Chang was looking over some papers uninterested. His old face sagged with unknow pressure. I cautiously approached the desk and bowed in greeting to him.

“Hello Agent 293. As you know I called you for a special job I have for you. You’re father hasn’t lied when he said you where very trustworthy. This is why I have chosen you for a very special job, my boy. The mafia, as you know have been watching many important and rich people. Of recent we have been watching tech company CEO Mr. Cole Anosov. It is your job to infiltrate his personal life and become his lover. You’re father also told me you have an attraction to both genders so this job was made for you. You’re task is to gather all his personal information and get the code to his personal vault. As many know he is the descendant of the Russian Dynasty (I’m not sure is Russia has a dynasty and this is purely fiction). He has ahold on one of the biggest fortunes. It is your job to find out the password to the vault.” Mr. Chang said.

I my mind was racing this was my first real job! Like really this was really happening!

“Yes sir, I’ll try my best to get the password to the vault. I will not fail.” I breathed out in hardly contained excitement.

“You may leave” Mr. Chang said.

“Thank you” said Agent 293 as he left the room.

He walked down the passage way to find his parents and tell them the good news.

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    This looks really interesting!!! I hope you make more!!!

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