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By @Joyous_One

How can a simple taste of pleasure be

Oh how wrong I am

Waving it away for curiosity

Couldn’t I just see !

Over to the end that it was nothing good

Using common sense would’ve been wise

Losing my mind I am

Dying to just understand why

I am so blind


Every little thought leaks

Very aware I am I gave thee permission

Even though I thought ye wouldn’t do

Racing along my mind is you

Your move, my mistake

Time will heal us

Hope will bind the pieces

I have broken

Nearly there we are

God help us too

I will work hard

Seeing us through

My goal is true

You will surely see

Falling for you is easy

A simple dimple will do

Understand it takes time as well

Living a lie is no good

Today marks a struggling beginning

However long we should try

Us together

Nothing less shall do for you and I

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