Who's it going to be?

By @Babygirl_des

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ashley’s POV 

My name is Ashley Marie Rose, and I am seventeen years old. I’m a senior in high school, and I live with my mother, father, and little brother Corey.

I have an older sister name Tierra, but she’s twenty years old, and goes to the state college, which isn’t far from here at all. 

I’m in a relationship and have been in a two year relationship with my girlfriend Ar’iah ( Are ri ah). My family knows I’m not at all attracted to men, and accepts me for who I am and accepts my relationship with Ar’iah. 

Ar’iah has a daughter name Anaria   ( Ah nar ri ah). Anaria is two years old, so I’ve been in her life since she was an infant. Ar’iah is not messing around with her baby father and I know this for a fact because Ar’iah was raped and that’s how she had Anaria.

In Ar’iah’s family, abortion is never an answer. Ever since she was raped she decided not to be with any male. Ar’iah is a girly girl, while I’m just a simple tomboy. People call me a ****, but I don’t like the term but I’m not going to deny it.

Anyways I’m accepted by her family as much as she’s accepted by mines. I love Ar’iah and Anaria. As far as Anaria is concerned she has two mommies or I’m her daddy. I love Anaria as if she were my own.

Current day

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. After picking up my phone and turning the alarm off I decided to text Ar’iah a good morning text like any other normal day.


Me: good morning beautiful time to wake up

I put my phone down and pulled out my uniform and some clothes for a shower. I walked out of my room and beat Corey to the bathroom. 

After showering for a good twenty to thirty minutes, I got out and did my hygiene things before brushing my teeth and going into my room after getting dressed.

I walked into my room and checked my phone, and as usual she had texted back.


Her: it wouldn’t be good without you

Leave it up to Ar’iah to be cheesy this morning.

Me: I kno

Her: cocky much??

Me: only for yhu

Her: it better be only for me

Me: get dressed I’m almost ready and will be on my way to see you

With that I put my phone down and put my socks and shoes on before throwing my hair into a messy bun. I grabbed my phone then headed down stairs and grabbed my book bag. 

I was so close to leaving out until my mom caught me. “Ashley!” She shouted. I rolled my eyes before turning around knowing where this is heading. “Yes mom?” I asked plainly.

“You’re not running out of here without breakfast again, so come sit down and eat like a normal person.” She said making me walk into the kitchen. I grabbed an Apple and pop tart. “Sorry mom, gotta go. I got an apple and a pop tart though, yummy breakfast.” I said as I hurried out the door and closed it so she wouldn’t be able to protest. 

Why couldn’t my mom be like a normal mom and let her child go to school and have breakfast served to them that they most likely won’t eat. I walked all the way to school and past the school down the street from the school to Ar’iah’s house. 

I used the key they gave me and let myself in. “Ashley you scared me,” Mrs. Jenkins said holding her chest. “Sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have a key. Maybe I should start knocking.” I said handing her the keys. 

“Nonsense, me casa es su casa.” She said smiling. Ar’iah’s family especially her family is happy that we’re together because after her being raped she was depressed and didn’t eat and it scared them because she didn’t say one word after confessing.

So for me to be with her, she’s happy and communicating better and she has been ever since we started dating. At first they weren’t too happy that she is gay, but now that they see how happy she is they treat me like family like a life saver.

I smiled at ms. Jenkins before walking up to Ar’iah’s bedroom. I opened the door and walked in. I laid on my back as I looked over at Ar’iah who is fixing her hair. “Hey babe,” she said smiling looking over at me. “Hey,” I said before turning over and focusing on Anaria who has her little ear buds in as she play this peppa pig game on Ar’iah’s iPad.

She looked over at me and smiled before taking her ear buds out. “Hi mommy number two,” she said hugging me. “Hi baby!” I said smiling as I pulled her on top of me. 

“I miss you,” she said smiling. “I was just here yesterday….but I missed you too.” I said smiling. “Nari get your bag so we can go,” Ar’iah said making Anaria jump off the bed and running into her room.

“Come here,” she said sitting beside me. “No you come here, I’m down here and you’re up there.” I said smiling. She leaned down and pecked my lips as I grabbed her waist and pulled her down on me. 

She laid her head on my chest as she looked up at me. “What are you doing today?” She asked smiling. “Well after practice I’ll come over here and chill for a minute but you know I’m staying over Trey’s tonight.” I said as she got up smacking her teeth and rolling her eyes.

She hate when I go over Trey house because she says he has too many females over there that be tryna be in my face. Ar’iah can get really jealous to the point where she’s yelling and ready to fight in a girls face, and crying and arguing in mine.

“Ain’t no females going to be over there I promise.” I said sitting up. “I got it mommy!” Anaria said running back into the room. “Ard man whateva, I better not hear one girl was in your face or thinking about being in your face.” She said before taking Anaria’s hand and walking out.

I just followed behind her and let her have her little attitude.

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