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Who Knows

By @AprilHill

The lonely

It had seeped deep inside 

Cold and dry

Touching my bones

Holding me captive 

Pretending I could live there


Accepting my fate

As a lone wolf

Walking the path of solitude

And then

Like the brightest firework in the sky

You exploded into my life

And my skin caught fire

The first time we touched 

And I just burn for you

I am ablaze when you look at me and say

“If we keep going, who knows?”

Who knows?

Indeed, my heart is racing

When you look me in the eyes

While we’re locked together

Passion sparking our every move

Our hearts beating wildly together

I can’t stop

I don’t think I want to stop

My soul is falling into yours

I am terrified and thrilled at the same time

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