Whitechapel Stables

By @NKG1

Whitechapel Stables

By @NKG1

Elizabeth must get in or who knows what her family will do. Sophie desperately wants to get in, but doesn't have the best of situations let alone chances. Annabel doesn't care what it takes She is going to Whitechapel stables.

Chapter 1

Meet Elizabeth

Whitechapel one of the most highly regarded places in the whole of the horse riding industry and each year it opens its doors to 37 new candidates. One of which I am hoping will be me. Every year for generations our family has got in to Whitechapel. And been trained by professionals in riding. Both my parents are eventers on my mums side my grandfather is a top dressage rider my grandma worked in equine law. On the other side my grandfather was a top trainer and grandma used to go out hunting with the local club. Everyone who is now a rider in my family went to Whitechapel. I have to get in I can’t not. ever since I can remember I have been competing with and without the pony club. been to more nationals than one can count and had more horses than the queen herself. My parents have never short of money especially not when it comes to horses. they will get me anything, not to boast. But if I can’t get into Whitechapel I don’t know what they’ll do.

Every year around 3000 people from all over the world audition sending in videos of themselves riding I have made it to the top hundred on my youngster Thunder he is a 17hh Chestnut a  beautiful 3 year old, even if he is a handful he is a an Irish warmblood so fully capable of international competitions. I absolutely love him he is amazing, but I just hope I can be amazing too.

More chapters coming soon…

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