whitechapel stables part III

By @NKG1
whitechapel stables part III

Elizabeth must get in or who knows what her family will do. Sophie desperately wants to get in, but doesn't have the best of situations let alone chances. Mina doesn't care what it takes She is going to Whitechapel stables

Chapter 1


She mounted up onto her prize horses back. A pure bred Arab worth well over £30 000.Her father looked on from his Tesla. Rather not spoil his hand made shoes. he had been very proud when his daughter had been accepted to come to Whitechapel for the final round of the competition.

her Ariat boots squeaked against the £1500 saddle. She had been rather annoyed when her father had given it to her for her birthday she wanted something better.

She roughly kicked her horse into a trot pulling her head down with a sharp jerk of the reins she flapped her legs up and down on the side of the saddle and boosted the horse into a canter she sat back pulling on her mouth pulling her sharply into the run in for the jump this was their first jump of the day and it was already at 4ft she did a big kick and a slap with the whip over the jump clunking down in the saddle afterwards. She had fully expected to be invited to Whitechapel for the last round. To make it to the top 100 was to be expected all she had to do now was rank first. Which would be easy. Her horse was a pure bred Arab trained by Clinton Anderson. She would rank first if was the last thing she did.

she jumped off her horse, she hated the fact she had to ride every day what were her parents thinking all she wanted to do was compete and win. No need for any silly practice. she leapt of her horse and walked over to the car got in and drove off the grooms would do the rest of the work for her. Exercise, muck out, feed, groom, water and turn out.

The tesla backed out of the private yard and drove the two minute walk home across the Moore estate. Included in the Moore estate was a golf coarse, hunting and hacking, a swimming pool, tennis courts and of coarse many nature paths through the field and woods.

As soon as Annabel got home she changed and played on one of her apple macs. While the servants bustled round her doing her laundry and bringing her food.

More chapters to come….

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