Whisper of darkness

By @homie456
Whisper of darkness

The story take place in a fictional world called Zengara with a lot of races such as elf , vampires , trolls , human ,dwarf ,fae ... there are seven POV characters.Book is full of exciting stories,battles,betrayals and ... . The ancient power called Ilrith rising from darkness once again to take control of whole universe and once again worlds are about to collapse on the other hand races are on verge of war and destroying of one another

Chapter 1


Erian walked toward scores of his sworn brothers gathered around Ikka the angry priest and gazed at him with disdain “God gifted us life, wisdom, strength, craftsmanship and death. The life is full of battles. Every step and every breath is a battle, a battle which bears testimony to our devotion to our faith. The most important battle is when the swords are out of sheaths, and we are facing demons threatening our faith. When the swords are out, shields are up and you go out to battle against the enemies and see them numerous than you take heart; the Lord is with you. These words of the Lord that …” Ikka the angry priest said with very loud voice. Erian stopped listening and turned his back to his sworn brothers and left the crowd angrily.AS he was getting far from crowd sound of Ikka started to fade until Erian heard the cheering and shouting the name of king “Alagast”.yes cheer, cheer for the ******* king for the ******* prophet for the ******* priest. Every one called Ikka angry priest because he shouted when he gave sermon but Erian called him *******. It was ten years since Alagast king of Eroman kingdom had waged holy war against all four human kingdom. castle after castle city after city and , Kingdom after kingdom fell. No king, no commander, no human had the power to withstand against the mighty power of Alagast of house Shoman. Everything was in favor of Alagast until the remaining of house Tolman the true ruler of Epo kingdom and house Sierz ruler of Enkara kingdom flee to vampire kingdom, Tiankay, and made an alliance with powerful Talith the most powerful king in Vesnar continent after that event everything turned sour for Alagast. The Eroman kingdom that had become the one of the biggest realm in the Vesnar started to lose its land. The alliance made in eighth year of the war and by the tenth year half of the Eroman was conquered. House Sierz and Tolman reclaimed their lands and more. Erian knew house Shoman’s doom is near so as his, besides he lost his faith in religion of One and the king Alagast hence he decided to take advantage of confusion took over the Order of the Faith and desert the royal army. The punishment of deserting of the royal army was force labor until the end of the deserter’s life, he knew the Order would not come after him so he had waited for the right time to leave. Tonight is the night Erian thought, finally he would be free and he could find new direction in his life and might find some peace in himself after being twenty years of slavery for the Order. He had planned for days all he need a horse and his sword and a few silver coins that he saved, all he had to do was ride to the northwest to the Redshank harbor and there find a ship that sailed for the Darkland. He would start new life and might start a family. There are many human cities there without any kings and queens all of them are free cities.

Erian passed his brothers gathering around coockfires, they were laughing and joking and ignoring the fact that they were losing the war because they all have faith in Alagast in the victory that was promised by Lord, nonsense, Erian thought. Erian was an orphan boy like all his brothers, raised to protect the king Alagast they were called royal army. He never knew his parent, and he was raised by Order of the Faith since he was a suckling babe, all children raised by Order coming to the age were given choice of joining the Order to be a priest to promote religion of One or joining royal army, and among the royal army the best ones were chosen to be the king’s personal guard they were called royal guard. Erian had joined the royal army for glory and fame to become the next Dallion the fierce but that time passed for Erian. The camp of the royal army spread out along the river of Himmer, ground was muddy due to the spring rain during the evening .Hundreds of tents were pitched in a three parallel row and in every hundred pace fluttering flags of house Shoman could be seen the flags were black with a shining sun in the center. Erian headed to his tent he was pacing fast, suddenly he heard his name was shouted he turned back to the voice it was Henz “Erian,Erian” shouted Henz and ran to the Erian breathlessly, they became good friends since Henz was brought to the Order. He was a boy of fifteen with blond hair and blue eyes he was short for his age Henz lost his parent on fifth year of war. When he reached to Erian he put his hands on his knees and panted “Ser … Dallion wants … to s..s..see you Er…ian”Henz said with difficulty, that took Erian by surprise, but he didn’t show any sign neither on his face nor in his voice.”take deep breath first Henz.what does he want from me?”said Erian “I don’t know, Ser said he wants talk to you”said Henz. Part of Erian wanted talk to Dallion part of him not.” Where is he?”Erian said”Ser Dallion is in his pavilion”said Henz ser Dallion’s pavilion was in the heart of camp and Eiran’s tent was on the far side of the camp, so he changed his direction and headed to ser Dallion’s pavilion with Henz.Henz walked faster than Erian and Erian fell behind Henz turned to Erian “What are you doing? ser can’t wait for you forever”Henz said angrily “Calm down. No need for such a rush, ser Dallion can wait for little while.you should enjoy your life learn it from our brothers.it is full moon tonight enjoy the cool breeze”Erian said calmly and walked up to Henz slowly Erian had decided not to take his anger on anybody especially Henz. Henz frowned”right you are right no need for any rush so talk to me you have been avoiding me and our other brothers since choosing day Erian.you could’ve been the king’s personal gaurd and you refused it why Erian why?”Henz said “Never question your older brother’s decisions my little brother you understand. Look at you, you want me to punch me in the face I can see it in your eyes that is wrong.I’m joking don’t be mad. The reason I didn’t join the king’s personal gaurd is that I wanted to fight in the war when the news of the alliance vampire king and house Tolman and Sierz and our defeats and then the decimation of the armies of house Drikan and Surkan came, I became mad really mad that time and the reason I acted weird was that I had to refuse to join the king’s personal gaurd”Erian said. They headed to the ser Dallion’s pavilion together. They walked for a while in silence until Henz started to talk”you know I hate rain although I know I should be thankful to the Lord for it but I hate it. It reminds me of the day bandits raided my village and …” Erian interrupted”Henz you should really let it go I know it’s hard but you should let it go don’t let everything be a reminder if you don’t, grief will consume you and it will rust you and your mind hence you’ll be dead man in the battlefield little brother”Erian put a hand on Henz shoulder and comfort him.”you are right. I should be focused like you on the war. Will you practice with me after you talk to Ser?” that was heartwarming for Erian to see that he could comfort and distract Henz, “sure”.I should say my farewell to Henz. Thought Erian sadly he had not said farewell to Henz it was hard for him, he didn’t know how to say it but he know he had to say it soon.

Two guard with spike who weren’t the royal guard stood at the entrance of ser Dallion’s pavillion “Ser wanted talk to me”Erian said to the guards “wait here”said one of the guard and went inside the pavilion and came back after a short time”get inside”Erian went inside, although pavilion looked large from outside but it looked larger from inside it was thirty time bigger than the tent Erian and his other three brothers slept in. There was a huge heavy battle armor on a armor stand next to it there was a great battle axe on a weapon rack on left corner of the pavilion, and little bonfire in the middle behind it in a distant there was a big table with a map on it with many pieces carved in shape of great houses sigils. Erian walked toward ser Dallion. Ser Dallion was a huge man with broad shoulders and not pretty face he always looked serious as a commander must look there were five deep close scar on his left chick. Everyone knew the story of how he got them it was Erian’s most favorite story since he was little boy. The story goes way back ser dallion became royal guard’s commander when he was still a young ranger that was the time the rangers’ rebellion was suppressed, all creatures in Vesnar was after killing rangers for bounty that vampire king put. One night ser Dallion and other rangers were ambushed in Greenheart jungle by a higher vampire and his pack, one by one rangers and vampires were killed by each other hands in the end ser Dallion and the higher vampire were left

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