Whiskey Breath

By @MeaningfulMee
Whiskey Breath

"sat down beside his daughter, whiskey breath"

Chapter 1

Whiskey Breath

Whiskey Breath

People stare at her,

cos she always has the latest iPhone,

newest Louis Vuitton bags by her side.

They glare at her,

As that fourteen year old girl pull fifties out of her pocket,

simply to buy a bottle of pop.

They say how unfair it is,

As she, who has never worked a day in her life,

bends down to tie her Gucci shoes of which she has sixteen pairs of.

They don’t care,

where the money has come from,

cos she dresses like a princess and smiles down at her Mac Book Pro.

But oh,

how they’d despair if they had only been there.

Cos her mommy grow up in council flat,

you best believe she wanted outta that.

So her mommy married for money.

And her daddy was spoilt all his life,

Just a boy pretending to be a man had enough money for more,


Oh, but if you had seen her mommy’s face,

those eyes just read,

“hear we go again”.

As her daddy stumbled across the deck,

he might have money but he’s still a wreak.

Sat down beside his daughter,

whiskey breath.

Oh, how she acted so little and small.

she didn’t dare talk,

to scared of her daddy’s temper.

She’s in the same pain,

the only difference if she at least gets some gain.

Cos when daddy sobers up, mommy has had enough.

She shouts and he smiles,

pulls out his credit card and everything is fine.

He says he’ll make it up, with more stuff.

Every Gucci shoe is a ” I’m sorry”,

Every iPhone is a “it won’t happen again”,

Every fifty is a “forgive me”.

And mommy is scared of poverty,

So she believes him,


Now she has a wardrobe full of Gucci shoes,

A box of i Phones,

A piggy bank full of fifties,

A room full of Mac Book Pros ,

And a contain thought in her head,

“when will he do it again”.

Cos although it’s up market whiskey,

he’s still getting drunk.

And although she loves designer way more than she should ,

She’d swipe every penny,every shoe, all today.

if only her daddy would change his ways.

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