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By @makenzi_

You had been missing

all but a month

simple blink of an eye

Where’s my daddy?

She celebrated Christmas without you

it’s almost been a year

Did you plan before or after

She turned three last November

Where’s my daddy?

Soon it’ll be a year

of not when you left us

but of when you were found

Where’s my daddy?

Did you think of all you’d miss

first date, first dance

first day, first heartbreak

firsts you’d miss; are missing

Where’s my daddy?

Your mom is the one who found you

Where’s my son?

She just knew

when she saw the line of trees

and it was so simple

how you told, screaming and plain

Where’s my son?

Your daughter’s mother knew

but yours didn’t

from that one picture you sent

it took so long

aching and pleading and broken

if only she had said something

then maybe she would have turned four with you

Where’s my daddy?

You had been decaying

whilst she had been smiling your smile

laughing your laugh

wherever you are,

will you hear the sound

of an innocent smile breaking

when she learns where daddy had gone?

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