Where My Soul Lives

By @ky_elaine
Where My Soul Lives

I'm not the best at poetry, but I dabble in it occasionally... This poem is about a little spot in Vermont that I love very much.

Chapter 1

There’s a place close to my heart.

I call it home, though we’re far apart.

The hills roll on mighty and green,

Their height and safety surrounding me.

Their rivers wind on and around,

They fall off cliffs and to the ground.

And there’s nothing more calming

Than nature’s sounds calling

I’ll miss these hills when I go back,

Space to walk and roam I will lack.

And in this place, my soul will stay,

‘Til I can return some day.

Until then, I bid farewell.

When I’ll be back? It’s hard to tell.

But if you’re looking for my heart,

The Green Mountains are where to start

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