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By @loveleah


To the little girl in her room watching a movie,

As her parents are arguing because of the color of a smoothie.

I hope you grow up to love the ingredients of the drink, and not the shade of the beverage.

The honey makes it sweet; the milk makes it flow;

the ice makes it crunchy, and the fruit gives it a glow.

Yes, the fruit makes the color, but it’s the honey that gets people hooked.

Just like your words, you inspire others,

but all people see is the cover of your book.

 Open your pages, and let the light shine.

The inside of you is truly what has us blind.

Your heart is made of gold, and your mind is made of steel.

You are the future of this world, so go ahead and spill.

Spill out the love, your hopes, and desires.

Tell everyone what kind of smoothie you are inside

Because it is the only thing that matters.

It doesn’t matter whether you are black, brown, or white,

Only that your heart is filled with love, hope, and light.

Every second the world is filled with hate,

but what gleams within you could drown an entire state.

Our beauty inside overpowers our shell.

Once we accept that all will be well.

So be the smoothie, you are destined to be

Because that is the content of your character

And it’s the most important thing we see.  


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