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Where Happiness Comes From

By @Jennifer_Gitler

The day begins

Eyes blink open

Brain starts working

Motor functions return

Thoughts and feelings swarm

Twenty minutes later

Finally sit up

Look around blearily

Rub your eyes

Take a deep breath

Three minutes later

Turn on lights

Think about sleep

Resist the urge

Force yourself to stand

Ten minutes later

Enter the bathroom

Grab a towel

Get the soap

Turn on the shower

Fifteen minutes later

Dry yourself off

Leave the stall

Brush your hair

Make a messy bun

Five minutes later

Finish getting dressed

A baggy sweatshirt

Worn out jeans

Pair of old Converse

Two minutes later

Back in bathroom

Fill a glass

Take your pills

Feel exactly the same

Forty minutes later

Arrive at school

See your friends

Fake a smile

Tell them you’re fine

Join the conversation

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