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Where did all those butterflies go?

By @munecava73

16 hours of freedom

The morning started with me waking up very excited and getting dressed in the best thing I had, which I really didn’t have many clothes. But I wanted to look nice. I took the bus toward Alicia’s house and she got on the same bus when it got to Grand Concourse and we rode it all the way up to Unionport Road and transferred to the Bx22 that took us to Story Avenue. We got off on Castle Hill and Story and walked a short half block to Eddie’s house. We actually waited outside because they lived in a basement apartment and Eddie slept in the living room. After a few minutes Eddie came out and drove the three of us to Fred’s house and Fred and his cousin came out and all of us were off to meet the chartered bus to Dorney Park. I remember thinking how cute Freddy looked.

I would like to note that I am aware during this time I was technically linked up with Edwin and Freddy was with Virginia but anyone that knows me knows that really didn’t mean much to me at the time. It wasn’t serious between Edwin and me and he was a creeper. He was a literal placeholder for me till I met somebody worthy of my full attention.

Let me back up on my “friendship” with Virginia. Virginia and Alicia were friends. they both felt a connection being they were both from other countries in Central America whose families immigrated here to the Bronx. Their first languages was Spanish and they both were super smart. It wasn’t that I was a complete idiot but high school for me was more a social opportunity and that’s what I concentrated on. I had hard a really hard time Freshman year concentrating on Math and Science and so I focused on what I knew how to do. In case you haven’t figured it out it was on boys. It was during this time Alicia and Virginia were getting to be closer friends and to be fair I really didn’t give Virginia much reason to like me. I found her ugly, jealous of me and she was trying to take my best friend away from me. But for the sake of Alicia who asked us both to get along so we could all be friends we attempted. But there were always these snide remarks she would say behind my back. Of course they would always get back to me. I didn’t feel any kind of loyalty to her at all.

So Freddy, Ray, Eddie, Alicia and I got on this bus and of course the two love birds sat together all hugged up on each other for the little over two hour trip. Ray sat behind Freddy and I got to sit with Fred. And there was talking among the guys across the bus. But there was also this talking between Fred and I. It was so nice. We get there and Alicia and Eddie were holding hands and lovey dovey the whole time and so I hung out with the other two guys. But you know there were a lot of times when Fred and I were just getting to know each other better. In the afternoon we got in our bathing suits and went over to the wet park. There was this huge wave pool and so Ray went to the front of it. apparently he was some sort of swim God and so I hung out with Fred. It was more like I was hanging off his back because I couldn’t swim. He once again protected me this time from drowning. We just really had a nice day. I remember we were on a ride, a roller coaster, and I was laughing so hard. I had my mouth open and I drooled and he was sitting next to me and he got it and he never said “omg you’re so gross.” He didn’t make me feel bad at all. I just had a good time with him. I was already having dreams about him at night time ever since I had met him. The day was done and on the way home I was laying on his shoulder and he had his arm around me and it just felt perfect. Eventually the bus takes us home to the Bronx. And I can’t remember if it was Eddie that drove us home to our apartments. And Fred and Ray came along. They dropped me off first because I lived the furthest. When we get to Sedgwick and I knew the day was just about over I jumped up on his lap and straddled him and I kissed him like tongue and passion kiss. And that was how I made my claim. He was what I wanted. I liked how he made me feel. I felt protected by him. I wasn’t his girl but he still made me feel special that whole day. I hadn’t wanted the day to end but here it was. That was our first kiss on July 20th 1991. I got out the car and Alicia jumped out with me and was like, “what did you do?!” and I said “I like him. I want to be with him.” And she was upset. I asked Alicia to tell him to call me the next day and she reluctantly did. And the next day he did and we talked about what we were going to do about the other people we were seeing. We both wanted to be with each other. And so the deal was we would call the “others” and break it off. Once that happened we would start our relationship which we did. I called Edwin immediately and i said, “Hey this isn’t going to work out and it’s over.” He was fine with that because like I said it wasn’t serious. And then Freddy called Virginia and I remember taking a couple of days because remember her dad was in the hospital. But when they spoke I think she had asked him “How was the trip?” He said “It was fine. Hey listen this uhm yeah…” And he broke it off. She was confused but she accepted it. And that was that. he and I started officially dating on July 23rd 1991. And that’s the beginning of our love story.

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